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Breaking the dodge movement telegraph by using crouch

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    Breaking the dodge movement telegraph by using crouch

    Idea: Use Crouch to break out from a dodge movement.
    While it might not seem that realistic (the game is Unreal anyway :P) it would help allow for better air control and reduce the telegraphing of your position when you have used a dodge movement.

    Context / Background:
    Four things attributed to this idea
    1) I watched a video by Zaccubus a while back where he was analyzing a match where one player dodged between pillars on DM-ASDF IIRC. The opponent was able to anticipate the player's position as once they dodged they would be following a certain path that they couldn't break out from.
    2) After reading this thread about how to a new player UT4 feels very Quake like
    3) This made me think back to some close combat situations with players who are much more skilled then me where they tend to strafe quite a lot to make it harder to predict their movements instead of dodging.
    4) When playing Fighting games, what annoys me is being stuck in a certain animation sequence and not bring able to break out. This is why I like FPSes in general more as you have more control as to your movements.

    Note: I've written the idea, before how I came up with it (context) . Some people can lose interest with a wall of text / don't really care of how you came up with idea.
    I've found that adding context to an idea can help the reader further understand your viewpoint but it allows for your idea to be written separately and more clearly without all the context / background
    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P

    I can tell you right now with absolute certainty this kind of idea wouldn't be implemented. Reason being, the dodge is meant to incur somewhat predictable movement. This is one of the reasons why dodge jump won't be making a return, since it gives you almost godlike control over your movements, allowing you to evade projectiles effortlessly while in the air. I would say the same applies for double jump. Any such discretionary mid air action undermines predictability. Multidodge or wall dodge are exceptions since you can easily predict when a player will dodge again since they must be near a wall in order to initiate subsequent dodges. In any case, splash damage is a lot easier than mid air direct hits.

    The ability to crouch mid air would make headshots slightly more difficult, hitscan slightly more difficult, and honestly reducing your capsule size while crouching will ultimately reduce consistency of all weapons across the board, which is anything but a good thing imo.

    Anyway to simplify: Target more predictable while in air = good thing, so long as air control values are decent - which currently they are imo. This adds risk vs reward. Allowing a player to negate risk at any time is exactly what made UT2004 hard to enjoy for new players, even against medium skilled players. Not in favor of this mid air crouch idea.

    Of course boots allow you to do a mid air action, but you have limited activations and you won't always have them.

    -Neil (CaptainMigraine)
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      Maximus Migraineius has the right idea here. The reason dodge has so many limitations and rules is because it the rock paper scissors fashion of the thing. Yeah, you can dodge and then I will know roughly where you will land and have a Pretty Red PResent hand delivered right there for you.
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        Dodge just needs to be faster. There's nothing wrong with the mechanic itself being predictable, otherwise projectile fights become random (like they are now since everyone strafes instead of dodging). I heard it's going to be 10% faster in the next update so that should put it closer to where it should be.