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Dropping Flag in CTF while running backwards

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    Dropping Flag in CTF while running backwards

    Hey there,

    playing UT since 99 and I sneaked into the alpha. Really cool stuff!

    The reason I start this thread is that I have a problem while playing CTF. If I carry the flag I can run forward and left and right with it, but if I use the "backwards" button the flag will be dropped. Is it a bug or is it a "feature"? ;-)

    To clarify, I do not use the typicall WASD for moving, I use TFGH. Maybe I overlooked something in the controlls setup?

    Kind regards


    is backwards bound to feign death?


      Yeah, G is the default "drop flag" key. Make sure to rebind it in settings
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        Ha! thx Lynx, I totally overlooked the option. Works just fine now!