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Speedometer Blueprint for testing purposes

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    Speedometer Blueprint for testing purposes

    Click image for larger version

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    Hey, this might be off topic but thought I'd share this because it's pretty useful for testing your own movement mechanics. It's probably not the most efficient or clever way to do it but it works.

    Just to run down how it works.

    -You grab the Character Movement component from inherited variables.

    -From that you pull out a line, and expand variables then velocity and "get velocity"

    -From there we break the vector into it's constituent floats , maths it a little bit squaring and adding the X and Y and then finding the square root (Z is up and down axis)

    -That float is converted to a string which we plug into the Print String function.

    -Then to make it appear on screen we use a while loop which we are flipping off and back on ever 250 milliseconds with the "TRUE" variable.

    -Event Begin Play is just used as a trigger event

    Although in retrospect an if statement (branch) would have worked also.. it's late.

    speedometer would be awesome


      I agree a speedometer would be pretty fun.