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Stim Pack Jumping (replacement for Hammer Jumps)

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    Stim Pack Jumping (replacement for Hammer Jumps)

    So talking today on Discord the conversation came up that Epic is going to remove the Impact Hammer from specific game modes and playing with ideas to replace it. The impact hammer as a weapon in the right hands is devastating in damage and awesomely fun for movement. The damage part really isnt a key part of the UT game and could easily be removed with little fuss. The Hammer jump however is a very key part of any competitive UT scene and is one of the advanced movement features in UT that many consider a key component of movement. So trying to come up with a new way to incorporate the movement of hammer jumps without the weapon itself. So heres what I've come up with.

    Elements of a Hammer Jump:
    1. Increased jump height/distance over a standard jump.
    2. Penalty for using in the form of loss of health.
    3. Load time, this means all hammer jump movements are pre-planned and not random spur of the moment.
    4. Accessible all the time. Its not a weapon you must collect or requires ammo.
    5. Highly versatile, can be used on floors and walls, the direction of the jump is easily dictated by the player.

    So the idea Ive come up with would be a stim pack single jump movement boost. The idea would be that all players carry a Stim pack system that when activated injects them with adrenaline/meth or some other performance enhancing drug. Maybe make up a new name for the drug just for UT. This action could be bound to a key say for example the letter R. When a player wants to use an advanced movement key, they hold down R for 3-5 seconds to load up the movement. Just like the hammer jump, the longer they load or hold down R, the greater the movement but also damage done to the player as a penalty. Once a player has loaded up the movement, the very next jump they make will be enhanced in the same manner of a hammer jump for only 1 jump. Increased height if its just a standard jump, increased distance for a dodge jump and increased speed and distance for a slide. If they dont perform a jump within a few seconds, the effects start to de-load and ultimately go away.

    Discussions I want to shut down right now.
    -This is not a double jump feature.
    -This is not an adrenaline feature like UT2K4 and I dont want that.
    -This is not jump boots as those require collection, no penalty and allow for massive jumps in comparison to what I am talking about.
    -This will not add other boosts like running faster, no time system, its just a single 1 use boost, just like the hammer jump.
    -This is intended as a near 1 to 1 replacement for the Hammer jump mechanic and nothing more.

    The idea of this system would be something similar to the stories you hear of people performing amazing feats of strength in dire times. Like a guy lifting a car to pull a trapped person out from under it, but the end result is that he completely tears his shoulder apart. Thats the sorta logic, system behind how this would work. A player injects them self, gets an instant adrenaline increase in strength, but ultimately injures them self in the process. Maybe limit the system to 2-3 uses per life, so each time you spawn you get to use it 3 times after which you run out. The loading animation could be the player pulling out an EpiPen looking system and injecting it into their forearm.

    I am going to see if I can BluePrint this up.
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    ... maybe something like this?

    (vid topic)

    .... caught conversation from discord ... after reading all above, deleted!
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      Unfortunately that is absolutely nothing like what I just mentioned and everything i want to avoid, that is not a replacement for hammer jump.


        ok removed above so not to go off topic, sorry, caught some of the conversation from Discord and threw that together real quick and realized after posting! oops : P
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