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Suggestion for real: Make the Dodge Button on Shift the default!!!

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    Suggestion for real: Make the Dodge Button on Shift the default!!!

    Not only the movement tutorial strongly tells you to do that, but it's the core CORE GAMEPLAY of Unreal, and doing this changes DRASTICALLY the perception of the movement for anyone.

    Shift for Dodge Button, CTRL for slide, C to crouch (nobody really uses crouch anyway.)

    I cannot stress this more. I did another thread suggesting taking notes from Titanfall2 and even if I still think it's a good idea, I always felt the movement is fine-ish right now. But since the Dodge button is a new feature, never checked if I could bind it somewhere. Needless to say, it's like playing another entirely different game.

    I feel so much in control of my character and reaction times are smoother. I've noticed that almost every player uses it too, so it HAS to be set by default. Something SO SIMPLE could change the entire concept of how the game is really percieved by new and old players alike.

    Old players dont use it and never will.

    You can bind it to what ever keys you like it, your preference does not need to be default.

    Im glad you can dodge, it helps.
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      Dodging is a really important aspect of UT, but I'm so used to double tapping it's hard to tell the impact of a specific dodge key.

      Shift is a decent position for the button on a standard setup - unless there are some big plans for walking
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        Originally posted by Smurgl View Post
        but I'm so used to double tapping it's hard to tell the impact of a specific dodge key.

        I gave single tap dodge a proper go. For someone who has double tap dodge mastered as im sure all vets do it only took up a key in prime real estate on your keyboard.

        Its not like i ever miss time a dodge when im doing it the UT way.

        The only benefit is new players dont need to master the timing and it makes it easier for them to stay alive.

        Also this is PC gaming where every movement and control option is already customizable. You only need to set up your preferences once and if you know them off by heart it will take you 2 min.

        It would of been quicker to go into options and bind your single tap dodge key to shift then "having a brain blow" and needing to share cos you can move.

        Sorry but im getting sick of these kinds of posts because out of 100 epic listens to a couple and makes the game worse for it.
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          But i am an old player

          Double tapping sucks. It has always sucked. You do it because there was no other way, but it's not that smooth and new players find it "tiresome" after awhile, because it IS tiresome to keep on tapping to dodge constantly. Yet, dodge is the mechanic that separates Quake from UT and a great deal in the movement and feel of the game

          I'm not merely suggesting it; in behalf of a better experience ingame, new and old players alike, this is already in game, and makes no sense to NOT have it by default.

          People that try arena shooters get the "meh" feeling out of it and abandon them and that's it. It's not the format of the game that it isn't fun, it's the staleness of it.

          Arena shooters are pretty straightforward in their mechanics, yet I haven't played a single arena shooter that tries to improve on their basics without compromising their movement, dodge and proyectile based combat. So, in this regard, it does not only maintains the adrenaline based spirit that UT legacy has, but eases the most obvious and basic of basics.


            I disagree if it was better we all would be using it. Just like players quickly work out which weapon is OP and abuse it. It does not take long to pick up on what is best and single tap isnt one of them.

            Its great for you, use it. I prefer double tap, i dont ask epic to remove it because i prefer double tap and it allows beginners to have a better experience. Im all for that.

            Just because you can perform a dodge does not mean you will dodge every shot. I personally like to exchange shots force them into my shots etc

            For keys like Enter where you need to press it to enter warm up and exit it, where players use it also for jump. I understand why they want it to change or be able to bind it to what ever key they like.

            But come on you can bind single tap key to what ever you like already why does it need to be set to default to your preference of keyboard layout?
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              In the coming update, dodge defaults to thumb mouse button.... good Choice, much better than shift


                I'm really surprised that sliding and crouching have different buttons. As the whole idea came from Quake 4, why not make the single button for both actions?)


                  Came back to see my post after read the patch notes, and you can't believe how glad I am that either somebody read the suggestions or the devs think alike.

                  It's the best choice and will help the new players and the front end of the game itself.