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    Originally posted by TotesAmaze View Post
    I'm still not sold on the current implementation of sprint. It is cool to feel like you can gain some extra speed compared to someone landing from dodges, but UT doesn't consist of two clear cut ways of moving ie - its not just dodge spamming OR holding W down. If you want to be competitive, a combination of running, strafing, dodging and wall dodging at the right places/times is going to be best. I think tweaking mechanics to support using a changing variety of moves is the best thing to do for the movement design.

    The sprint kicking in after 2 seconds always feels strange to me. Its out of my control when it happens, and I usually find it throwing me through the map too fast - the environment becomes harder to read/take in and I have no idea how far I can jump as the acceleration is happening.

    I think the implementation that feels best is using sprint still as a movement speed bonus to players who build momentum, but having it happen much faster - like a secondary acceleration value. It seems natural that after a landing or dodge you would take more time to get to full speed than relying on the acceleration value that helps you strafe quickly back and forth, but not having some arbitrary 2 seconds before you decide to move your legs faster, then a slow acceleration up to top speed like a car changing into 5th gear.

    Instead of waffling about it, I've got the values tweaked in this blueprint if you want to give it a try and see how it feels.

    (also, please bring back the crouch slide!)
    Totes, this is what I was leading into about unpredictability. Naturally, we may want to move in a direction for an amount of time and not have to sprint so this is where we have to re-evaluate it's implementation as well.

    I have to wonder has anyone considered chained dodging acceleration? Something where by you do multiple dodges in quick succession can increase the speed of the dodge but that it plateaues after a certain amount? Maybe something like the 3rd or 4th dodge it kicks in and as long as you maintain dodging it will maintain the slightly increased momentum? | #2k4ctf |#ut4pugs | #unrealtournament | | UT2004 Grail


      I just don't want to see Sprint in this game (not in DM/TDM at the very least), no matter what EPIC thinks you WILL see someone go create a mutator (if not a setting) that removes it because it adds no valueable gameplay and thus there will be plenty of servers that are simply going to lack sprint.

      • It makes new players accustomed to a mechanic that's not in their favor.
      • Sprint is too centered around "I am not in combat!" but reality is "Wee im sprinting, 2s later ops someone killed me" because if you use Sprint, you are simply going to be a easytarget and come on if you start making maps too huge that you really need sprint may as well bring a mechanic back that already worked and is actually useful in many scenarios (everyone knows what it is...).
      • Sprint is something you never really get to use because there will hardly ever be a situation where you can actually afford running straight forward.

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        Originally posted by Yaiklai View Post
        EPIC thinks
        aka the problem


          Originally posted by Techies View Post
          Link broken.

          Still think the key to making the sprint legit lies within that 2 second build up. There needs to be certain scenarios in which you can manipulate that value, to shorten it.
          Sorry, this should work now:
          UT4: CTF-Defiance, CTF-Melt.
          Epic - This video made me smile:
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            I miss it. The momentum loss at the end of a dodge with the most recent build doesn't help, but even without it, I would be hesitant to just keep holding forward and mashing the one press dodge key to get where I'm going as fast as possible. I thought it was well tuned before they removed it, was a good pairing to make the since defunct impact hammer viable, it's fairly balanced in how it makes you pretty predictable, and is no damage to the game if it's not being used. The biggest down side is the idea of some one sprinting forward to spam OP flak, which needs to be addressed at that weapon anyways.
            Originally posted by Mysterial
            An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.


              I'm going to say no to a sprint option - as described in the OP more so. I'd like to see more responsive dodge rather than conditionally accelerated forward motion.


                I think sprint could work OK if:
                Sprint was only cancelled by dodging or changing direction too fast (falling below a certain velocity).
                Sprint windup began more quickly after full run speed.

                Ideally the "run speed" could be gotten rid of and just have a gradual acceleration curve up to sprint velocity..?