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Why do dodge-ramps only seem to work 50% of the time or less?

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    As far as I can tell it's an engine level bug where the game seems to think you're hitting a ceiling when you slide from one surface to another, it's been in the game since 2014. Best way to avoid it is do what the_hack said and create levels where the ramp doesn't meet the wall. Epic have been aware of it for 3 years so it's obviously not a priority.


      I may have a temporary solution for this. It will require to place a custom blueprint on levels, though.
      What I do is basically overriding bounce calculations and thankfully all these math functions for projections and normal vectors are built in UE4. Not sure how online lag and movement replication will affect it, but since it's server-side stuff, I guess it should be fine.

      Still testing it, but seems to be acceptable.
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        if there is a gap between the first surface and the second, the player model transitions smoothly. when the surfaces meet at an angle you have the odd occurrence of being stopped hard where they meet.
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