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Strafeboard (hoverbaord)

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    Strafeboard (hoverbaord)

    A hoverboard built with quake-life strafe jump mechanics in mind. Base speed 1400. Move mouse in same direction of strafe to add to that. a little glitchy.

    WIP, should be playable. Mutator adds for all player in any gametype (that uses default pawn).

    It is made for more open gametypes such as blitz, onslaught, and whatever the future might bring. It kind of replace fluidity (strafe jumping), which wasn't fitting with default ut4 movement.

    I'm interested in feedback and technical advice for improving how it works. I know it gets a bit janky on high ping.

    Animation is lacking, but before tacking that Id like to perfect the physics.

    There are two audio feedbacks, one for the amount your strafing is adding to speed (a synth sound), and another for pure speed (wind).

    This is a prototype. The character leans into curves, but the actual capsule is not leaning, meaning the hitboxes are not aligned with the character when tilted. There is also an issue when the board 'lands' (it never actually lands but is forced a small distance from the ground), where there is a bit of shake online, which is increased with higher pings. These are things I'm working on right now - but the prototype is quite fun and stable so it will stay for a while.
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    Amazing ! I think it is a great idea !!!

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      Awesome work hack...glad to see 1 step closer to Vehicles in game!
      Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!