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    I don't get the delay, it makes me keep thinking 'when will sprint kick in'? I think it feels much more natural and like your character is gaining pace with a delay of only 0.25 seconds. When i ran 100m I didn't wait 2 seconds and then really start making an effort . With no delay, there is less need to message sprint. On the topic - I think the most useful way to know your speeding up is the weapon bob getting faster, this works for me.
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      One thing that could be implemented is some sort of icon that is not visible or transparent, and gradually as your speed starts ramping up it becomes more opaque until you reach full sprint speed. The once the effect stops - for whatever reason, it disappears. In theory it sounds like an intuitive approach. The icon could be something like a small image of the UT4 armour doll running with lines behind it indicating movement of some kind. As to where to place it in a HUD I don't know.

      Another way could be to use something like Shootmania's energy bar, but to be fair that was a different mechanic entirely, and was a player resource to be used wisely and not an automatic effect.
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        Originally posted by Flak View Post

        Testing webm
        I can now link my videos in an embedded player! Thank you stacy! :>


          Originally posted by Danielito View Post
          add some kind of indicators to the HUD so you know your current stage of sprinting
          Please...the heartbeat sound is not enough feedback on this mechanic.