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My thoughts on what the movement should be like

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    My thoughts on what the movement should be like

    I have seen too many crazy posts here (such as wall running, crouch sliding, sprinting, and the rest that I believe shouldn't be in this game), so I decided to write a post of my own as well. First of all I think that the movement should be based on UT99 and UT2k4. What I mean is, take the good stuff from both games and mix it together. For example use the wall jumping from UT2k4 but only allow the single jump from UT99 (I am actually for the double jump, but since a lot of people are against it, I don't really care much if it is going to get removed.)

    The movement that the game should definitely have:
    -Jumping (With decent air control) also, if you are going to have a single jump, then you should make the jump height higher.
    -Wall dodging
    -Rocket jumping
    -Shield gun jumping
    -Lift jumping
    -Jump pads

    Optional movement that I am not sure about:
    -Dodge jumping (if there is a double jump, then this should be in the game, if not it is necessary)

    The movement that should not be in the game (All these stupid and crazy ideas):
    -Sprinting (what? this is no cod! your moving speed should be fast enough for you to travel around the map, plus you have the dodge. If you need to travel even faster USE THE TRANSLOCATOR)
    -Wallrunning (seriously? go on and play Warframe or Titanfall if you want wallrunning. It is a pointless movement. It would be a lot easier for the other player to aim at you while you would be wall running.)
    -Crouch sliding (No need for that either. Just make it so the dodges ton't make you stick to the ground when you land.)
    -Other movements that make your screen shake (I completely disagree with those, they just mess up your aiming.)

    Some improvements that I would like to see:
    -No deceleration when you land a dodge, or you could even try to add a momentum build up after performing a dodge (that would make the game way more fluid)
    -Less or no time between the dodges (It would also make the game more fluid and much faster)
    -A key that you can use to bind doge, because it is a pain to keep double tapping. (for example SHIFT + any of the directional WASD keys)

    The last thing that I want to say is: keep everything simple! There is no point of adding complexity just for the sake of being complex. Sometimes less is more!


    By the way I just managed to download the game and try it out. What I have to say about the movement at the current point is that the speed is too slow, and the gravity is too strong. I feel like my character is an elephant. And please, get rid of the deceleration after the dodges. It is really awkward. I have a dodge mutator for my UT2004 and I think it makes the dodges almost perfect.
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    I like your view on movement. But I'd like to point out that rocket jumping always felt a little clunky in UT. I would really like to have a little more flow to it (don't know how to describe it better). I really like rocket jumping in Quake. Maybe it is possible to adapt this into UT? Greets.


      Nothing wrong with crouch sliding imo. Only thing I'd like to see is that the standard movement speed is increased a bit. Seems a bit too slow compared to the action at present. Personally I can't get into any kind of flow because of it.


        There is single tap wall dodging as you described. They tried momentum based movement with a combination of dodge and slide in the very beginning of prealpha, and it didn't really work well. Well... It didn't feel very ut. It became a game more about traversal and running aewy, much like quake can be.

        They also tried a slow deaccel value while stopping, and the game felt like it was on ice and not precise. That essentially destroyed the ability to juke via strafing only. UT is all about interesting close quarter combat. Something quake is lackluster in.

        The addition of wall running and knee sliding are subtle features but they are useful in certain situations. It adds some nice meta to the game, but it's not apparent to new players like you as you stated above.

        These additions are needed. A simple combination of the old mechanics of ut99 and 2k4 won't keep a crowd for too long. Ut needs to evolve, and staying in 1999-2004 just won't cut it.

        A lot of what you said about keeping momentum after a dodge would just straight up ruin any type of close encounters. People would be zipping away from each other at light speed, Lol. It would turn into close combat fights where no one would dodge unless they wanted to retreat because it would be too predictable otherwise.


          The thing I would like to change with movement is slightly bit buff dodge + slide still. Also I'd like wall-run/slide to be more useful.

          Dodge I'd suggest slightly bit increase the vertical height (roughly what it was before) but increase the gravity with the same amount so the distance a dodge is doing is kept the same as previously. The result is higher but faster dodge (theoretically slightly helps evasiveness since the movement speed of the dodge gets faster and the faster you have to track the opponent the more inaccurate you get), helps also slightly against projectile evasiveness and also helps avoid getting the player stuck by the tiniest bumps in environment and the ability to use Wall-run also horizontal levels with a wall next to it since the higher dodge will allow the wall-run to go further compared to now where it's practically useless to initiate on a flat surface that is not next to the edge of a platform. I was thinking that wall-run should be useful also on flat surfaces to dodge into a wall + run for a slight bit + dodge off the wall as an useful evasive move under certain situations (especially against rocket launcher users).

          Slide should get that similar slight buff in speed to keep it comparable with that boosted dodge to be able to better engage or disengage fights. Which is what I'd like to see the main use of slide as. That you move horizontally at the ground is a fair-tradeoff for that slight temporarly boosted speed.

          Wall-run/slide should be changed in that way so it's also able to slide down walls (curved falling angle) when the downwards momentum is higher than what it allows to do a wall-run like the previous wall-slide mechanic before it was changed to wall-run. This is especially useful to slide for example down the deck-pit wall or down the maingate on CTF-Outside + walldodge at the end of it to avoid chasing projectiles since it throws enemy aiming offguard for a sec (since they have to aim slightly higher when doing so) for example.

          I might have to experiment with movement proto and see how it plays can't myself combine wall-run with the former wall-slide though but might just try changing the maximum allowed fall velocity for wall-run to be much more forgiving and see how that works.

          Overall I'm quite happy where movement is but want the movement mechanics be slightly buffed in order to get more clear "metagames", currently the efficiency of their intended purpose is too subtle I feel but the strafing works pretty good now, the strafing is like the only thing which I feel isn't lacking in effectiveness and probably walldodge too. Ie. slight buff to dodge, slide and wallrun is needed right now and it will be fine.
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            I agree with Raidakk that wall-running and sprinting definitely doesn't sound like true UT. Also, like Numb.51 stated, UT has always been about close combat. With these both in mind I'd like to give my opinion on how I'd like the new UT movement to be:
            - I liked the precision and agility in the UT99. The movement was light and very accurate.
            - When UT2003 came out I fell in love with the dodge jump, because it made the game faster while still maintaining the UT99's accuracy.
            - As UT3 came out, its movement felt heavy and slow, so I didn't play it that much.

            Now we have a chance to have the perfect UT, so I'd like to see the snappiness and lightness of the old UT99 and also the possibility to quickly move around in the map with the dodge jump. Also, it was very handy in UT2003 to jump from one floor to another with the boost jump. Would that be an overkill?

            In my opinion, UT2004's movement was very close to being perfect.