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Add a sound / flash to incoming chats in Epic Games Launcher

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    The launcher is still some sort of fat client (from what I see it's the same engine as the game, using Slate). Hopefully, they will open their protocol (which is based on or the same as XMPP) and third party tools can be used (integrated in common other multi chat clients, mobile etc.).

    But yeah, a message sound is important, same as optional tray and optional tray notification message (which should work for every system).

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  • Add a sound / flash to incoming chats in Epic Games Launcher

    I really like the way the Epic Games Launcher works, with the ability to add people as friend, see if they are playing (also outside the game) and join them directly, and a simple chat interface.

    Unfortunately, I've had a lot of times that I miss incoming messages, as the Launcher gives no sound or flash when you receive them. Look at how for example Steam or did this.

    I guess when you implement this, there needs to be the option to mute it as well, as some may find it annoying instead. But yeah, it would be great if there was a solution for this