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The UT User Interface subforum is now live!

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    [OFFICIAL] The UT User Interface subforum is now live!

    This subforum is the place to discuss user interface design and implementation. Our plan right now is to use Canvas for the in-game HUD, and Slate (with Unreal Motion Graphics when available) for the menus.

    We aren’t ready to start work on final UI implementation, but we’re very interested in ideas, proposed menu flows, and prototype work. We’d love to have community developers getting familiar with Slate, and possibly contributing prototype menus as needed for testing Alpha functionality.

    Yes thanks!


      Hi, I apologise in advance for the less than ideal quality of this video but i'm hoping you can still read the labels etc. Heres a very basic UI that i made that contains (imo) all the necessary aspects needed for this Unreal.
      Obviously this is just an idea and i haven't got everything included just the key parts that I really feel needs to be included.



        So joe are there currently any plans to incorportate the following 3 features (found in my video) into the standard UT game UI.

        1) Chat system- clan chat, private clan chat, being able to join other clans chat or modders chat, uk chat etc
        2) Clan system - with basic home page, recruitment, members, calender with upcoming games that clan members can set their availability too, ability to request a practice or official match against the clan your viewing
        3) Ladder/Cup system - Ladders that clans can sign up to. submitting game scores, voting man of the match, writing match reports etc


          The honest answer is there isn't a UI plan as of yet, just a collection of ideas and desires. If you're asking would I like to ultimately see these features inside of UT, then yes. But before we can run, we have to walk and before that crawl. We will need some form of menu system before we open the game up to the general fans and I expect that initial interface to be very simple. Basically a multi-player and settings menu tree. We will build outwards from there. Once the core menus are in, I expect we will open up development to the community and though both internal development and pull requests build something awesome.


            I'd be interested to see options like chat, server browser, clan and competitions support being integrated into a website

            Or a seperate program, a very lightweight program with an IRC client and with links to a site with ladder/competition structures

            I mean, right now i have mIRC installed along with Teamspeak and UT, in the past i used xfire and UT server browser too

            A lot of people aren't going to want to keep a big program like UT open whilst they spend 2 hours chatting to their team mates or looking to see if their fav servers have a free spot, or waiting for a matchmake duel

            Having some (optional) external options such as a client or browser support would be useful for a lot of players

            Not everyone wants just browser integration either :/

            It's not useful if these things are only in UT if people aren't going to want to have UT open all the time


              Seems like launcher territory, where you start something more operating system friendly in terms of resource use and interaction, to view news, updates, and connecting with friends.