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    Instant Action

    I recently installed UT3, and I have some notes on my experience with the "Instant Action" interface.

    1. It's important to have. I loaded UT3 for the first time, and I needed to tweak my settings and get used to the movement/weapons. I then proceeded to log a couple hours over the next couple of days simply because it was easy to load up and frag some bots before going to sleep (playing right before sleep may not be advised..."I'll just take a look at that map I haven't played yet...").

    2. Speaking of maps, there's a fair number of stock maps in UT3, but I'm running out of DM maps. It would be really nice if map repositories could be browsed/accessed/subscribed to through the UI.

    3. Everytime I go to start a session I have to choose/configure mutators etc, it would be nice to save game-configuration-profiles. (maybe the option was there and I missed it)

    4. When I finish a map, I'm having to exit to the main menu, choose to play offline, choose instant action, configure my mutators, choose a map, and start the game. You can tell from the comma splices that the process could be optimized. I wish there was a map vote available as a stock option, so I can avoid going back to the main menu. *(map vote is a window that appears at the end of a game allowing you to choose a map/mod from the ones available)

    5. I think it would be beneficial to encourage players to transition to multiplayer. UT has many mods/settings/gametypes, and traversing this landscape can be more trouble than it's worth for some people. Players might appreciate it if the game informed them of multiplayer servers that use the same settings as they do. This could be a prompt at the end of a map, or during, or in the menu, etc.

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