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    Hub System

    I feel like the current hub browser looks very messy at the moment, although it is very functional and provides a lot of information at a glance, especially while watching them all load it can get confusing and messy. I know what I am doing so I don't mind that much, but I can only imagine what a new player might think who don't know where to go.

    I feel like there should be a pre-menu menu which will make browsing hubs a lot easier especially for new players. Once you click past the menu I have drawn below you will go to the more familiar hub browsing system we have now, but with a lot of the others filtered out. (Terrible illustration below)

    I know it's not of good quality, but I'd love to get a discussion going about this <3

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    Originally posted by GGaben View Post
    I feel like there should be a pre-menu menu which will make browsing hubs a lot easier especially for new players.
    Hubs are already one extra step that stands between the main menu and playing the game, ideally you want the fewest number of steps that people have to go through to actually play. Hub filters aren't a bad idea but it would be best if they were integrated into the current Hub selection screen instead of presenting a new screen which forces players to pick something before they see or understand what they're picking. In my mind this wouldn't be helpful to new players as 99% of them will want to be playing on Hubs where they get XP, and especially beginner-only Hubs where they don't get trounced by experienced players every time they play. Also there's a risk with the design you're showing that people who are new to the concept of Hubs will just click on the top left button and get into the habit of doing that and never actually clicking on the others because that's how they got into a game last time. Even though it's not the biggest button, it is the first one people will look at because they read from the top left.
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      God this illustration <3

      The actual HUB is cool, he just too ... dark ? No really friendly interface (really, really not funny interface <<)


        I would like to be able to use the server browser to list any games of a certain type - irrelevant of the hub. Maybe the hubs are in the early stages, but I'm not sure if anyone sits there to chat.
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