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Main Menu Background Animation Idea

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    Main Menu Background Animation Idea

    A while back I remember Epic talking about the main menu where it shows the tiles on the left and it will have your avatar on the right but while I was playing the menu theme just relaxing I got an idea. What if to build on that they made the background of the main menu more animated like not only show your character but change up scenes of slow-mo flybys of some maps or kinda do like a Trophy Room flyby like the original Unreal Tournament. I just think that an animated main menu would give more of a life feeling every boot other than just seeing your character standing there. What do you guys think?

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    If not on the main menu, then this ought to be incorporated at least SOMEWHERE in the menus in some fashion. It's iconically UT, contains lots of character, and everyone loves it.

    +1 from me (at least somewhere in the menus)
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