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HUD redesign and functionality improvement Thread

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    First cab off the rank: Fully customisable HUD.

    Allow the end user to position their HUD elements WHERE EVER they so choose and set the SCALE of each element INDIVIDUALLY.

    I've noticed in CTF matches a lot of people don't noticed when a flag has been taken.

    I personally get a bit of tunnel vision and don't check my health and ammo enough as they are out of my focus.

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  • HUD redesign and functionality improvement Thread

    As @Entropy stated that the HUD Design Thread Part III thread that:

    Originally posted by Entropy View Post
    - I want to reiterate that we're NOT trying to redesign the HUD or change its functionality in ANY way, only looking to address art and visual presentation. We'll address functionality concerns at a later date.
    As its been 8 months since then I thought I'd get the ball rolling in a separate thread as to ways to redesign and / or add functionality improvements to the HUD.

    The current HUD is great, but I see a few potential areas of improvement to improve usability.

    I'll add my few as separate posts once I've wordcrafted them up