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Pyramid weapon bar

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    Pyramid weapon bar

    Maybe make interface something like so. This weapon icons-bars may be at an angle in 3D (as Crysis 2 or Mechwarrior online has) or better isometric 2D, maybe some fold and unfold then choose. This all bars without transparency. All information in center-bottom, possibly no left or right. Only match information on center-top. No translocator Q and another icons on left or right sides. Only additional included windows show another information on left and right sides. Colors shows weapon color from settings if need. Zero ammo waepons with red bar line. Weapon images shown under ammo green bar, the smaller the ammo, the more visible weapon contour or always shown above. Think it is important to have an interface in the game that has no settings and is not changed or has minimum settings (show colors, show zero ammo). All changes only scalling depending on the screen resolution.

    "i" icon - is item with this weapon button (bomb, redeemer, translocator, mine etc). Impact hammer in weapon group has always max ammo and increasing the charge for attack decreases the itself ammo, but its ammo automatically quickly restored. Has a small item picture in this icon. Bright selection frame indicates that the item is selected. Perhaps the health, armor and udamage points do not has a 3D/isometric 2D view for better control of these figures.

    Inside the vehicle the health and armor points have a small font size, and health points replaced on full font size vehicle points + small font health points, looks like 1000 VP(big)/100 HP(small) - 100 AP(small). Maybe vehicle points in the middle. Udamage is always has a full font size. Current weapon ammo points can be without changes in right-bottom corner, but do not think that this ammo points should be displayed at all with this weapon line-bar, becouse weapon does not require recharging. Or quantity of ammo shown instead 1-10 weapon numbers, but steel has different colors and if no weapon bar-line fully invisible.

    And further, if have only ammo without weapon the bar-line not shown, if there only weapon without ammo shown red bar-line, and green bar-line if have weapon and ammo for it. There is a voice massages then current weapon ammo has <=1/8 of maximum ammo as in mechwarrior online then heat >=80%.

    Perhaps it would be better if HUD was a little left of center to a HUD was without overlay on weapon in hands. But think that HUD in center does not much blocking weapon.
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