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Request: Configurable crosshair location on screen

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    Request: Configurable crosshair location on screen

    I have not found this request elsewhere in the forum, so here goes: I would like to see the ability to position the crosshair on the screen elsewhere than dead center.

    I'm a tall guy, used to perpetually having to look down to keep me from tripping up. I find that in UT I do the same, keeping focused on the floor, especially in maps with deadly drops. This automatically causes my aim to be too low in most cases/for most weapons.

    The ability to offset the crosshair upward would help me a lot.

    and who needs to look at the sky/ceiling anyway?
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    Crosshair offset won't help much if the game will keep shooting to where it was. Another thing is that you do need to look up in most of the maps, because in quite a lot of cases the enemy may attack from above.
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      Sounds like you need a bigger monitor with an adjustable stand and tilt.