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How to mod your hud to look cleaner like in my videos.

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    How to mod your hud to look cleaner like in my videos.

    Ok so Ive been asked multiple times how I change my hud to have it looks in my videos so Im making a forum posts I can refer people to.

    Disclaimer: After an update this stopped working for some game modes, I dont recommend doing this at the moment until I have figured out how to do it properly for all game modes.

    If you want your fov looking like it does in this video:

    Then theres a hack way of doing it, its not a clean solution but its what we have, also expect this method to break with updates to the game.

    First we have to go to C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
    and open the "game.ini" with wordpad

    First make a backup of this file, call it "gamebackup.ini" or something and store it in the same folder.
    Then at the bottom of the document, we have to paste code from Dementiurge's horizontal weapon bar but I have broken the code so that the game tries to load non existant hud widgets meaning they will not load at all


    Every line of code with "_X" at the end of it means it that specific hud widget wont load, remove the "_X" if you want it to load.
    Now, the "Quick hud" component will be almost the only thing on your screen, go into your hud settings and set that up.
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    I think the best part of this post is how 50% of the default hud is being removed to clean up the screen.


      Thanks Fjaru, that was really helpful. I would prefer as well the quickstats alone!


        Thanks for doing this.

        But ughhhh, I wish there were separate scale sliders for the different parts of the hud.

        I upped the general scale and it made the score at the top so massive for CTF and it made the chat text huuuge.

        Other than those two nitpicks, I really like this cleaner version of the hud. (I did turn on text chat and kill confirm messages again though for quality of life & since I play CTF.)
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          Awesome!! Wasn't using the quick stats before but now I switched to only these
          They're not getting in the way of my view like this and I can still see with peripheral view when I'm running out of something. Thanks!