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Possible to change "you killed" and "you have killed by"?

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    Possible to change "you killed" and "you have killed by"?


    I'm playing UT from '99 but I hadn't try this one even I know it's playable now.

    Today I tested it and looks really nice.

    However then you play in such high speed you actually never have the time to read all the messages on the screen.

    When you kill some and in the same time you have been killed always there was red message for "killed by" and blue message for "you have killed"

    Now playing this UT both messages looks the same and in order to know what happened you have to spend 1-2 seconds (which is a lot of time on this game) to actually read the text of the messages.
    It's nice to have the name of the player in different color so you can easy see who he is, but still I think user should be have the options to make kill and killed by messages has to look different.

    I didn't see such option in the menu, does anybody know if this can be done via console, or .ini files?

    I haven't time to read all the forum threads but I did a quick search and didn't find topic on this issue, hope I'm not double posting.

    Thank you in advance