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Some ideas for a better UI

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    Some ideas for a better UI

    First I will say what I don't like then I will say what it should be changed with, then what extras should be added.

    What I didn't like:
    1: The Intro of the game(Outpost 23 with the U Damage)
    2: That guy in the Main Menu (Smael was better)
    3: The scene where I see my team members and the other team memebers

    1: The Intro should be changed with something more dynamic like UT99 not the same but something better you can use the game trailer
    2: The Main Menu: Put back Smael again or make a dynamic background and enhance the background Music a bit
    3: Use the one of the Flag Run in all modes

    What should be added:
    1: The ability to select Team Color, I hate to play DeathMatch in Red I like the "none" Color
    2: Make a command menu to give orders to friendlies.

    I think it's quite early to criticize the UI right now, since it changes constantly build after build. I personally think many suggestions you wrote (such as the animated background) will be added.

    Anyway, the new character should be Malcom, and its appearance is meant to be a teaser.

    Originally posted by DesertXGhost View Post
    The ability to select Team Color, I hate to play DeathMatch in Red I like the "none" Color
    Well, this is a temporary‚Äč solution to solve visual clarity issues. So, all the characters are forced to be red, but don't worry. The FFA skins will come back when the developers will adjust their materials.

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