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    Re: user-customizable modular HUD

    Originally posted by JoeWilcox View Post
    So the new UT has a HUD widget system that allows us to build our HUD in a nice modular fashion.
    Originally posted by chroot View Post
    A few games have fully adjustable huds. I think as a modern game UT should have that aswell
    Originally posted by Shambler View Post
    If the HUD system is modular, perhaps make it user-customizable modular, and add a ton of non-essential widgets that the user can stick onto the HUD themselves?
    Originally posted by ramses View Post
    Kidding aside, I think user-customizable modular HUD elements (call them widgets or whatever) are the way to go.
    Originally posted by Shambler View Post
    ....the main benefit of what I suggest, would be having a user-customizable-modular
    HUD, that you could potentially put anything on.
    Originally posted by ramses View Post
    +1 for these.

    If the HUD is modular and scriptable people will spend time optimising and tweaking their HUDs.
    This can then become content that people could sell / share with the community through the unreal store.
    The HUD's that pro-gamers use will be highly sought after.
    It would be akin to the Winamp skinning crazy back in the day.

    Originally posted by KnightTechDev View Post
    I had a HUD extension idea you might like, about also later extending parts of the HUD Information to a Secondary Screen like I posted in this thread:
    +1 for this.

    Being able to have a map of the field and other stats on a secondary screen would be great.
    Like health of all team members and their current location (grid coordinates and elevation) on a map.


      Originally posted by mpOzelot View Post
      Would it be blasphemy to have your team mates positions always visible to you?
      I'm talking about a no clip shader that outlines the mesh when in screen boundaries.
      That could be really cool.
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        Originally posted by rejecht View Post
        Chapter 1: Bonding with your HUD

        As for the clock, I want it to use the ISO 8601 standard YYYY-MM-DD....
        want a 24-hour hh:mm:ss clock, not 12-hour am/pm....
        I want ANOTHER clock with an EST time zone, so I know when that US stream starts....
        Brother in arms with the ISO format
        Could just allow the user to set there own date time format string. I have gotten used to including the Month and Day as text.
        eg: 2014-08(Aug)-05 Tue 02:05
        Also, have the option to have multiple clocks.

        I'd have:
        Local time

        Just have them point to respective NTP (Network Time Protocols) in their respective regions and daily light savings should be OK.


          what do people think if the kill messages ( XXXXX was smacked down by XXXXXX rocket launcher) were replaced with images? this could be located on the top right hand corner, and then the chat window can be separate. I always found the chat window and frag messages in the same window to be annoying back in the original UT.


          FishThrower <rocket launcher> Player 1
          Player 2 <shock rifle> FishThrower

          I was also watching a video of a UT4 CTF game being played, and I loved the idea of the flag carrier name being displayed under the main score, please keep this. do people think that the teams flag carrier location should also be located under the name? or would this reduce the teamwork aspect? it would be decent on public servers, but in clan matches people will just use comms anyway

          for CTF newbies, its also a good idea to have the outline of the flag base highlighted in a wireframe so people can learn new maps quicker, rather than having them big white arrows that lead the way, Team Fortress 2 has something very similar which works great.

          on a unrelated note.... the "official" UT4 maps are looking to be brilliant, they have a real old school flow to them, the dodging also seems to be perfect, the only thing that should be considered is increasing the gamespeed by 3%-5%, but that's for another thread!

          Things are looking to be very promising for this version of UT...........

          Kind Regards



            Originally posted by mpOzelot View Post
            Would it be blasphemy to have your team mates positions always visible to you?
            I'm talking about a no clip shader that outlines the mesh when in screen boundaries.
            Add this! it is benefitial for accessability and seems to be mandatory for modern ffa games as it draws attention to where the action is. even the competetive community should begin to like it, as it makes localization easier, so you dont have to hand them google maps over in teamspeak.

            general hud:

            # a 360° clock counting down minutes to help new players with timing items in a more visual approach (accessability). inline the playtime.
            # add a visual bar to display playtime like in a youtube video (also great for playbacks as you could highlight certain actions with icons and wont have to ff or rewind to find something)
            # we might wanna try a fisheye hud to see if it is better than the flat hud experience


              Originally posted by conX5 View Post
              Every game's HUD has been pretty effectively functional, so here's some less obvious considerations:
              • Many people disable on-screen chat and strictly use console. Having the ability to disable chat but keep death messages etc would be nice. Some people want neither and an empty chat box in the HUD wouldn't do them any good, so if that's implemented then it needs a removal option.
              • Timed Overtime gametypes need a HUD Clock solution. If you go into 5 mins of timed OT it'd be helpful if the clock counted DOWN instead of UP. Showing 1st, 2nd, 3rd OT etc could be more of a scoreboard/presentation issue but reversing the clock direction is an annoyance that can be avoided in relevant gametypes.
              • Weapon bar info should be as clear as possible and easy to read via peripheral vision. UT2004 added colored text when you switched weapons but for some reason was turned all white in UT3. I actually think this colored text could even be replaced (in an advanced/minimal hud option) to be something even more informative and concise, like maybe a colored ammo indicator. UT3 did add more of each weapon's unique color to the weapon bar itself, which I think helped make it easier to parse weapons. If ammo and weapons each have their own unique silhouettes and colors to make them easy to identify, then there's no reason not to continue this in the HUD itself.
              • HUD countdown timers for active powerups (i.e. showing how much time is remaining on your amp) is a debatable topic but it's something UT3 added. Boot jump counter on paper doll added in UT3 was also effective.
              Maybe the actual weapon model being displayed in your hands? :P
              Agree on on-screen countdown timers for powerups. Vast majority of players simply don't count that and will go pick it up only of they can see it's there. This would add more dynamic to the game, as many more people would be trying to get the powerup.

              Originally posted by mpOzelot View Post
              Would it be blasphemy to have your team mates positions always visible to you?
              I'm talking about a no clip shader that outlines the mesh when in screen boundaries.

              Also I'd really like to see extended features in the score page.
              While holding tab the mouse could be released on movement and show the cursor.
              At that point you can mouse hover ppl names and see stats, or click on mute buttons and other stuff.
              THIS a thousand times over. In team-based game, no matter if deathmatch, capture the flag or eat all the pasta, position of teammates should be visible at all times, even if you're not looking in their general direction.

              You need to take every opportunity to encourage team play and this is probably the first thing to do - to be able to tell easily where your teammates are on the map... or at least which direction to go to bunch up with them. Otherwise it's just Deathmatch with several other people who are stealing your kills and who you can't kill.


                This is why people use team chats, seeing characters through walls is going to break immersion and I'd rather not have it. It only clutters up your screen the more teammates you have. It's okay for something like some special power up or a futuristic visor HUD like in that game but for UT I'd say no thanks. Something like that game above is going to be much slower paced than an Arena Shooter so you'll have more time to grasp what's going on, but if you start throwing in elevator jumps, dodges, wall dodges ect it's going to get very busy very fast with everything moving around at fast speeds.


                  To clarify, I was talking about the timers that show how much time is left on the powerups you are currently carrying.


                    I don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but it would be nice to have a description of the area of the map you are in in the corner of the HUD. "Shield Room" or "Bridge" etc. giving you names to specific areas of the map that everyone can refer to. It would really help in CTF and TDM to call out where your opponents are and it creates default names for areas of the maps so people aren't just calling them random things.


                      When spectating, the name of the player you're watching.


                        Originally posted by MoxNix View Post
                        When spectating, the name of the player you're watching.
                        Also, an easy selection menu for spectators to choose who they can spectate. This would be useful for team games.
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                          I quickly ran thru the topic, didnt see anyone mention but i think its pretty important. Pickup timer, like in quake live. It makes timing easier. When you pick up an item, it shows the exact time of it for a few seconds.
                          Dunno why, but its much easier to remember like this. Also the hud should be fully customizable ala QL. The game looks and feels better with every week. Such a great job EPIC!
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