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    Sorry for bumping this old thread, I got dx11 card gtx560 overclocked and its stable at 70 fps (i locked it that way) on very low settings on outpost32 offline, and when i start shooting moving around map, i notice fps drops to 30 sometimes, and even some screen tearing when doing mouse movements, on some parts of map.
    I noticed already you made decals last minimum of 5 sec, i prefer 0 sec like in ut2004. And please add some more settings to optimize performance of the game, cause atm its unplayable and i get motion sickness cause of framerate dropping up down like crazy on online.
    Like turn off player shadows, dynamic lightning, weather effects, fog distance etc... hope you will work out on this more and balance performance, cause when i bought my card it wasn't that "cheap" still I won't invest 300 dollars into gtx 970 just to be able to play UT stable, I hope you understand.

    And pls tell me is there a way too turn off physx, cause I think its main reason for fps drops.


      Control Settings:

      Mouse Aceleration Level (Slide bar)
      Raw Input (Check Box)
      Key Binder (write custom command in input menu, like "TeamSay INC Left")

      Video Settings:

      Show Decals (Check Box, on side of Decal Left Time bar)

      Please, watch this:
      CTF-Extorcion-CE (Visual Beta) (Pak available)
      CTF-Ranel WIP


        Mouse Acceleration will be great feature! +100500, and +1 for Raw Input.
        Why Hud settings is not in options? (why we need to type it in console?)


          +1 to mouse acceleration option. A raw input will be nice to have too in the long run, mouse input should be a huge focus in such a game like UT and there should be all kinds of options for it to make sure everyone can get their ideal mouse input functionality/experience.

          Crosshair customization is definitely a must. The HUD settings menu should be fixed and a lot more precise graphics customization etc but those are fairly obvious.

          Also, a setting which already exist but doesn't work properly IMO is crouch + slide function when set to the same button. I'd want it ircorporated so it works in this way that after performing a slide, it simply doesn't go directly into crouch after the slide ends if you keep the button pressed. The crouch/slide button has to be released and pressed again in order for the crouch to be activated, this would save us a key since crouch and slide feels logical to be on the same button imo but as it is currently, you lose all the momentum from the slide and become a sitting duck when you go into crouch after the slide. Sure, you can try releasing the button at the right time but it's cubersome and doesn't pay off (since you want to get that maximum slide movement boost in most cases).

          Also please fix the auto wall-slide option! It's broken as I've posted here (when enabled, player will start sliding instead of dodging after the knee-slide movement is performed once):
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            Hello once more.
            Seems now menus sound is nice, but i want to reply the folowing,

            as soon i entered the pre alpha testing i felt like quiting the game right away, now seems goods but still the kind of sound of the clicks and mouseover is not good, for some that enjoy a fluid HUD would be better to go back to origins, the menus on UT99 and the UT 2k4 was very nice specialy i would like to see the metalic sound that was in 2k4 is light for ppl who use headphones

            I am no programer and i admire the work you do for the excelent UT games you made so far, but the feel as we enter the game tell everthing for players who enjoy to play for along time (not in one session but in long term)
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