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    [CONCEPT ART] HUD Concept

    Hello! Here is a quick HUD/Menu concept I was looking to get some feedback on. It's still in the early stages of concept but being implemented slowly but surely

    Ideally the hud and menu will be alive with some movement, fx and color driven properties ... but for now there is just this.

    Perhaps this is merely UT inspired ...but hopefully it can promote some beneficial design discussion for everyone

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    I'm not a big fan of z-axis transforms on a hud. It forces the eye to work harder for no reason. I do like the clean nature of some of though.


      Not fan of z-axis too
      I prefere an old one like the one of UT2K4 but with some changes


        I like the style for sure, but I'm with everyone else on the tilted items.

        The bottom right makes me happy

        Are you working on this? Great job so far, eager to see what else you have in store!
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          Originally posted by JoeWilcox View Post
          I'm not a big fan of z-axis transforms on a hud.
          Z-axis? But that's clearly the Y axis!
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            Not in Unreal coordinates.

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              If depth in the HUD is just done as swoopy wavy eye candy — "because we can" — well then yes, of course, that eye candy's sugary empty calories are going to burn off real fast.

              But if the depth can add something, if it has some function, some subtle role in funneling the user's focus/attention toward certain parts of the screen for some reason, then I think it can still be worth considering. Indeed, some games do make good, conservative use of this effect, and it works well.

              So while I share the rather cautious sensibility, generally, IMO it might be a mistake to prematurely just throw out the idea altogether.


                Originally posted by HenrikRyosa View Post
                Not in Unreal coordinates.
                If by "transform" you mean "draw a line that shows the Z coordinate and then rotate the widget around it", then that's true, but my line of thought is more of "the left part of the widget is closer to the camera while the right part is further from it", i.e. the widget's coordinates are moved in the Y axis and not moved in the Z axis.
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                  Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
                  Z-axis? But that's clearly the Y axis!
                  ^ hehe, OpenGL guy.

                  In OpenGL the Z-axis is the depth (towards cam, behind you) and Y is up accodring to the standard. In DirectX the standard is Z-axis up, Y is depth (away from cam, forward). So on the image the hud elements are rotated around the Z axis according to DX standards

                  If you mean shearing though, you're right, it's Y-axis in DX.
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                    humm, why can we have various HUD's theme like .. one is an Sniperer,
                    one is an walker or the other it is Monsterhunter with heavy weapons and something..
                    the default design should be the UT99, this can be overholen/beef up/vamp up or camp up..
                    with maybe plugins/snapins as zip maybe .. selectable by an dropdown menu


                    and so on ..
                    Originally posted by UT-User-Controls
                    Standard Hud Theme:[_Standard_UT99_[^]
                    Users standard/jump back Hud Theme:[_MH_Ultragore_UT99_[^]
                    Auto-use-Server-HUD-theme, when entering the server [X]
                    and by mishmash or errors jumps back to the UT99 standard HUD .
                    With it is possible for create different UTengine4 hud's

                    and any can use this hud what he want and like,
                    so it is the ut highest customizable in this direction

                    the theme-HUD-files can consist of
                    an css-file or/& inifile
                    and the to need grafics..
                    (the best maybe png's and animated gif's and ttf-rendering for use ttf in the hud
                    and console theme-related also able for translation in different languages in xml style,
                    also easy to make for (human)translators and if give no translation file can maybe
                    use google-translationengine or bing-translationengine .. maybe automatic)

                    And the Designers have something to do also
                    greetings to Deviantart-Peoples

                    so it is also able for autodownloading the theme-releaded Server HUD
                    if it in the control's enable :
                    Originally posted by UT-Controls-configuration
                    Download-Server-HUD-theme [X]
                    Autoinstall-Server-HUD-theme [X]
                    Auto-use-Server-HUD-theme, when entering the server [X]
                    Save the Theme-Hud in UT Folder/downloads [X]
                    the same should be able with the Player avatars where should saved inside of the UTfolder/downloads)
                    for saving and autoreinstall in the game for view the other avatars also what they use in the Game (automatical download&&install)
                    Enable upload your Playeravatar for see in the game by others [X]
                    Originally posted by UT-User-Controls
                    Download player avatars from the players [X]
                    Autoinstall player avatars[X]
                    save the avatar-files in UT Folder/downloads [X]

                    but this is offtopic in this tread

                    therewith it is possible for the Serverowner to use different hud's for different Server/Games .. like in UT99
                    my die Friend Pizzi from had let run more as 12 UT99 servers on his rented Server,
                    so various game types.. from stronger-monster-hunt with ultragore , up to sniper and "return to napali" and much other !

                    and the zipped files make it more easyer for put in an folder and use..
                    so put it easy in /UnrealTournament/Downloads
                    and by selecting the menu, autoinstall the avatars and/or the HUD from the download-folder..
                    it's also more easy for distributing at end, upload/download and the zip,
                    it is possible for become open source zip it is possible for use zipfs for all systems ..
                    so, read out the files for using..
                    and the hud and avatar need only read..

                    best regards
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