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    ... or more specifically lack of it.

    I know we now have voice chat built in now, but almost no one uses it on the servers I play on (my self included)
    Typing chat is still the number one way players communicate on the non-competitive/PUG servers.
    At the moment typing chat is terrible, rather than list all the ways it irritates the life out of me i'll try and be constructive and outline the way it could be.

    The chat box should always be in the lower left hand corner of the screen, it seems to be there in most games I have played and i assume players would be comfortable with that.

    The chat box should persist through all windows/screens, eg. game window, map vote window, score board window, etc.

    The chat box should never be cleared when changing window, eg. when a new game starts.

    The chat box should be re-sizeable, ideally click and drag, but if that's too difficult to implement them maybe an option in the menus to pick several different shapes, eg. long and thin, narrow and tall, etc.

    Chat box should be scrollable so you can go back and see the text you spotted but could't read before it disappeared out of view.

    You should be able to tune the text that appears in the box, eg. turn on/off the bot text, objective info, player text, etc.

    There should be a definable key to access the chat box so you don't have to hit escape to bring the cursor up and click in the box before you can type.

    Ideally there should be a definable key to toggle between general and team chat, maybe the same key that access the chat box, press once for general, twice for team?

    The post game screens, score board, map vote, etc. should be designed to make the chat box easy to read and not overlay scores and other information over it,

    The game is very playable, it's a shame the interface is not as polished yet.

    I feel better for getting that out of my system



    T for public
    Y for team
    The overall interface is a ***********. Feels like a 2017 web dev made it. In UT2004, old messages could be toggled with f2, including server messages. Right now, you have to double tap the console key to bring up old messages which is extremely annoying (merging the two keys together). Also, esc should clear the typed text.

    p.s. they don't read this
    UT2004 Movement Mutator


      I also wrote a Topic to that but the system eat it...

      I also want this standart type of chatbox.

      Give it settings like "position" and "size x/y" , "appearing when new message for x seconds / ever" and everyone is happy.

      I had a conversation going on and it's totally dificult to communicate if the message disapears after a few seconds and I couldn't find any way to open the chat log while playing. That's a pity.


        I decided to necro. Hi all. Do you maybe know why chat messages are not showing up any more? Happens on any server to me. I even reinstalled the game a few times. Cant see my or others messages.