Hi folks, I hope this wasn't asked before:

I had a conversation started after a game. In the "vote for a map" screen you have all the chatlog and communication is simple and enjoyable. But once the game started, i only see a message for a few seconds after posted and then it's gone.
So the conversation, started with "you play since 1999?", which would be interesting, was quite gone...

Is there a possibility to view the log permanently?
Like that general type in mmorpgs:

If it's possible, wouldn't it be an idea to make it the standard? I think when it's annoying, more people consider to search for turning it off as to think of searching for the function to turn it on.

Really great game. Gives me all the feels like the classic did and feels and looks great. Even on a middle class pc.
Keep it up, and plz release it, no matter what. It's so refreshing and fun to frag again.
And plz excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker...