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    Not exactly concept art, more a concept. Doesn't look fancy, it is about the idea.

    The idea is that everything is at one place so you just look down and see all.

    This thing is meant to be fully customizable. You could change overall transparency and size, the transparency and size of the actual text and icons and background separately, the clours of each element to fit your preference (can make everything just white if you can read it well). You could as well split it up, the health/timer at the left, and the weapon list at the right. Also can move it to the top, etc.

    The weapon list could be sorted as you wish. The first four being your primary weapons and the last four your secondary. Scrolling through the list with the wheel would work according to the list, even if you have them mapped on keys the default UT way.

    click on picture to expand
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    Not bad my friend


      Hah, that looks really DOOM-y. Or a bit more refined version of the 1997 Unreal alpha HUD:
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        Looks competitivish as in minimal which is probably good for that esports vibe.

        I also like to center the important stuff. Many FPS HUDs want to put important stuff in the far corners.
        Nobody puts health/shield/ammo in the corner! :P

        Looks quite good in black and white.

        The use of brightness is good, though hard to see in a static image, I'd follow the Perfect Dark model, where the game HUD would increase the brightness of the ammo bar when it changed, clearly calling attention to itself.

        I guess you could fit more on there if there were weapon icons, but I've noticed how many prefer weapon names.
        Bars can give a more concrete feel and quicker visual overview, but probably don't fit as well.


          Thanks for input. Making it competitive and Quake like wasn't really my intention, but it does look like it. I'll try again and see if I can unclutter it more. I think the round/time/vs. element can as well remain in the top. Weapon, health and armour management are more important, but I'd like to have it more compact, easier to read and together, so that if you look down it tells you all you need to know fast.


            I looked at the current HUD and thought that I would not like stuff scattered across all the screen sides, so actually following the direction in the first post I wanted it all aligned in the same spot and keep it simple and uniform.

            The health icon has the bars, green for health, orange for shielding. Armour would be visible on the figure. Health and shield/armour likely needs numbers, too, in case it's raised, so I might add that.

            The ammo counter is made of two parts, the general ammo percentage bar on the right and the five last remaining in the left so you can tell if you'd have enough ammo, or few shots left.

            The selected weapon does not display the weapon icon, but the ammo in large letters (multiple digits would logically be smaller to fit in, which fits well so that few remaining shots have larger letters). Not sure how that plays out with hidden weapons.

            You could modify stuff. Move the match and health circles to the outsides, increase size, change transparency of the background or all, etc. You also should be able to move the stuff further away from the screen corners closer to the centre if it's more comfortable.

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