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Yet Another Main Menu design

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    Yet Another Main Menu design

    Hi! I also want to show some menu prototype. It mainly based on ut99 menu/modals pattern but with flat ui styling. I've made it in HTML/CSS to have the possibility to quickly restyle it keeping the structure. So the color palette may change. Should I keep work on this design or is it better to do something completely new?

    Here is the link to the demo: (the first menu 'game' has empty popups yet)
    I recommend to visit the link usign latest Chrome/Firefox couse I didn't test the browser compartibility.

    Some thoughts (after you've visited the link):
    We can improve the UI by simplifying the access (the number of clicks to achieve the desired action) and discoverability (the interface should be familiar and understandable to the new user). So:
    1. The first thing we can add to menus is the ability to add a bookmarks for some settings (in my variant of menu design the bookmarks can display in a separate row inside a drop-down menu. If someone changes several settings very often - he can add it to bookmarks line.
    2. We can use the huge space in the center of the screen as the browsers do. I mean an express panel. For example for fast access to favourite servers (big rectangles with picture / stats who playing). We can also allow the player to deside what to add to fast access so he can drag-and-drop every chapter of menu to start screen or even a saved local game start (for ex. CTF with 9 bots and instagib mutator).
    3. Some people doesn't need too much settings and have no time to discover all possible settings so many settings in popups should be hidden inside the section that became visible after the "Show advanced settings" button is pressed. If this will be implemented the modals can became small and easy to discover.

    I can show the implementation of the above using my demo if you want.
    Some of my thoughts on menu chapters you can read in popups (see the link -> chapters CONTENT, COMMUNITY, HELP).

    Waiting for your opinions about the demo and my thoughts


    I like the drop down sub-categories on hover, less clicking, but I think a vertical menu for the sub-categories would still be more practical.


      the menu looks nice and also feels like UT99. The only issue i am having is with the horizontal sub-categories in the menu. As said above: A vertical drop down menu, for the sub categories would give the menu a better overview


        I really like the hover-over categories that pop up! The main menu isn't cluttered compared to UT2k4 and UT3 and feels very much like UT99. The left side of the screen looks like it could be space for public announcements.


          Yea, this is a nice concept overall. The only thing I'm not really sure about is the placement of "Ladder". It feels like it would fit into the "Game" menu better. And yes, having a vertical menu is probably better as you can end up accidentally opening another menu with a horizontal one.
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            Nicely done on the mock-up here.

            Would be great to see some of the content you are talking about added to the space in the middle. Just to give a finalized overview of how you are seeing this all laid out.

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