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Basic Armor/Ammo HUD Concept

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    Basic Armor/Ammo HUD Concept

    A very basic HUD, stealing from Crysis' book, with minimalism, lots of translucency, and condensed information.
    • Proof of concept for showing individual armor items, and recent pickup indicators.
    • Perspective means it could be 3D for VR headsets.
    • Icons above the health/armor panel are just random tests.

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    I really like it. Feels very clean and slick, and the book style gives you actually the feeling of being inside a "person". For my taste it could be sized down a little bit more, without loosing the readability.

    A problem I see with this type of HUD (Book Style) is, that you loose a lot of valuable place and tend to move everything towards the crosshair and away from the edges and the weapon will be more covered (although your modules are translucent).


      yeah I like it as well. It always bothers me a little to have UI items going across the top so I like that yours is nice and open.

      The transparency and white highlighting works really well and gives it a modern look.


        Looks awesome!

        My only problem is the size and that it's scattered across all sides. I'd prefer something more compact and all in one place, but that would be preference I guess, if there would be customization.

        I especially like the armour segments and the oldschool vertical Unreal ammo bars in this.


          Little overpaint

          Issue of ammo could also be fixed with weapon symbols / colors if they become established. Highlighting of current selected and current owned weapons would be a plus.

          Also time and score / teamscore infor should be included. It would be great if you figure out how to add them without overloading sceen with them too much.
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            It looks nice, although a little too large for my liking. I'm sure there's certain elements that can be scaled down to compact it and make it less intrusive though.


              The HUD it self looks good and futuristic. The only issure i am having with it is: For my self it'S a bit too oversized and the 2nd thing is where would be the place for the weapon bar in you're hud?


                Whoa, this looks slick alright and has hardly any optical interference that I can make out whatsoever. I especially like the clear layout of the weapon name with the current / max ammo on the bottom right. This is much more clear and meaningful than the current implementation. I also like the idea of having the timers display directly on the HUD like that. Gives everyone a fair chance to fight over powerups in FFA/TDM. Perhaps that feature could get disabled in Duel gametype though. I know people who play Duel that hate the idea of having such a thing display on the HUD which lowers the skill-celing and I wouldn't blame them at all for wanting to remove that.
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                  Just a general note to anyone looking at hud/menu design. It's my opinion that adding a piviot in to the z like this is a bad choice. HUD elements need to be instantly readable and by adding the transform off of the flat plan it forces your eyes to work harder. Just an general FYI.

                  As for this mock up: I like the separated paperdoll in that it makes it very quick to see what elements you have. I'm also a fan of the the monochrome style. The ammo display in the bottom is far too confusing with a lot of extra bars. Is that suppose to double as the weapon bar?

                  When mocking up huds, keep in mind the following elements need to be present for the default hud:

                  1. Health
                  2. Ammo/Ammo
                  3. Weapon Bar
                  4. Powerups
                  5. Score
                  6. Messages

                  Now how these are represented is up in the air. But they all need to be there. Of course the current plan is to also allow for custom HUDs to be available in the marketplace so a minimal HUD can be planned out as well.


                    I have to agree with Joe here. There are some striking issues for me with this HUD design.

                    ) The element pivot makes the HUD harder to read, it would be even harder in the heat of a game.
                    ) Every element has the same look. Because there are few distinguishing lines/colors/shapes, it is difficult to quickly find the info you want.
                    ) The message areas are too neutral and would easily get lost.
                    ) The armor indicator is too much like everything else. Really I think overall the lack of any distinction between different elements is my least favorite thing.

                    I don't hate everything about it, though. Here's some things I like.

                    ) I really like the weapon bar. I've been asking for three games for a more compact readout of weapons and ammo than the small picture that are used. I really liked in Unreal the small rectangle with numbers/ammo bars though I recognize that isn't the best solution since the keys can be rebound. But I do like the simpler weapon bar here.
                    ) The powerup countdown timers on the right. They are simple enough and small enough to stay out of the way if you don't need to see them.

                    I do think it's a start and would be interested to see where you went after incorporating feedback.
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                      Nice. IMO you should maybe use some varying tones/levels of brightness/opacity for things to emphasize the more important things and make the whole HUD less distracting.
                      The new UT is coming along nicely...
                      Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...