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Universal Flower Diagram - a tool for spectators, casters and demorec playback

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    Universal Flower Diagram - a tool for spectators, casters and demorec playback

    Hey everyone

    I was walking to work yesterday in the wet and cold (god bless English weather ), when I found myself thinking about DarkAp89 and my dear friend pyth0n's end game screen concepts, usability, usability heuristics, customisable info graphics for end game stats and lots of other stuff, when I came up with the idea of using a "flower diagram" for game spectators, casters and demorec watchers to see various in-game information that can A) give more insight into what is going on in the game and B) give information in an easy to see and easily digestible manner.

    I was musing at just how powerful the Starcraft 2 info graphics (production queue, units and workers lost, army population and so on) are in telling and unraveling the intricate story and sub plots of a game at a mere glance, and then thought of ways to utilise some of those concepts for UT4. I then thought of the idea of having a 'flower diagram' that showed various pieces of information like petals on a flower. The concept could be used and transposed into various uses; such as kill distribution between teams (what team has the most kills with X weapon), item distribution between teams (which team has taken the most power-up items in the game), weapon distribution (what team has taken the most of X weapon in the game) to CTF stats, like assists, covers, last second saves and so on and so forth.

    It is hoped that this system, or something like it, could be used for the following:

    # Allowing casters to comment and go into deeper analysis of a game thanks to quick and accessible game stat information with the UFD

    # Allow spectators and demorec watchers to discuss and learn about what is transpiring in a game and be in a better position to infer certain theories, see patterns in behaviour and generate ideas as to why a team might be doing well or not so well, and learn from that.

    I've taken the liberty of making three rather bad proof of concept images - my apologies for the poor quality but I simply don't have the time to tart them up as I'm quite busy with other things at present. I would, however, greatly encourage others to take a look at this idea and see what they can come up with and improve, enhance or just mess around and have a good play with it

    Thank you for your time!
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    This is an excellent idea. A thoughtful addition would be the functionality to mouse hover over one of the pie slices to show individual player usage of each weapon (such as breaking down the Flak kills by player). Allowing one additional level provides more detailed information without cluttering the screen.
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      I really like this form of diagram! Excellent idea to summarize some of the stats that will be available for the game


        it's a bit hard to read.
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