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    yeah and rest of us 10000 find horizontal.


      Horizontal is **** i find better with Vertical


        What did scratch just say? Most prefer vertical. Surely it can't really be called ****.
        The new UT is coming along nicely...
        Maybe a new Unreal would be a good idea for Epic's next project? It's certainly somewhat overdue...


          Originally posted by Chris UT4 View Post
          Horizontal is **** i find better with Vertical
          Vertical is **** i find better with Horizontal

          Now that that's out of the way...

          Though I'm not a big fan of F51's HUD aesthetic, I do like the layout. Only things I would like to see changed would be:
          Get rid of the unnecessary "Red vs. Blue" at the top and fill that entire space with the timer. As others have said, the clock needs to be BIG and putting it in the center of the HUD has been a good change.
          The power-up timer on the bottom right would look better and be more obvious on either the right or left side of the HUD.
          The doll design is good because one can clearly see which armor pieces they have equipped.
          Kill feed on the top left, chat on the bottom left.

          Now onto the elephant in the room...

          The vertical weapon bar, with its tiny vertical ammo meters and transparent weapons, has proven to be a failure of a design decision. Never in any previous UT has it been this unnecessarily difficult and annoying to quickly read which weapons are in your inventory and see their ammo status. The transparency is easily the worst thing about it. Why are the weapons in our inventory hidden from sight?! Why are they invisible?! Why has it been made impossible to see which weapons in our inventory have ammo and which do not WITHOUT having to scroll through the list to make them visible? Is it because someone actually acknowledged that a fully opaque vertical weapon bar on the right does in fact block too much of the screen? A fully opaque, horizontal weapon bar on the bottom blocks what? The floor? I'll take that over having my peripheral vision blocked. Why is it on the right side, farther away from the crosshairs? It's closer, and thus easier and faster to read, when it's on the bottom of the HUD. Who has time to do all of that in the middle of a heated fight while running a flag? Furthermore, I don't want ammo counters on top of each weapon, or next to them, especially when most of them already have a number as their hotkey/weapon bind. This would look far too cluttered. It needs to be a HORIZONTAL ammo meter.

          Add to all of this the bad sound mixing, with which you can't even hear your own weapon changing during a fight and end up trying to do a shock combo but instead find yourself zooming-in and firing a sniper bullet 10 feet ahead of your enemy, and we can see where the gameplay quality has really taken a hit.

          I really, really hate saying this, but "they should've made it like in UT3/2k4/99". It worked for all of them so why is UT4 being deprived of this basic yet crucial design? And I don't give a **** about Quack Lyfe's HUD. UT > Quake, therefore, UT should be the standard!
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            if there was a pool

            horizontal weapon bar would score infinity to vertical's 1


              I ment to say horizontal is better, every ut had horizontal weapon bar and it worked, IMO UT99 had best HUD, I played competive UT99 and HUD was perfect. Now with this vertical bar I just know what weapons I have and how much ammo. I think problem is that is just too far away and your eyes cant look that far right not in combat. Maybe for some players works but I think most players would like horizontal bar. If Epic wants solution let we have option in HUD menu, horizontal or vertical.


                This idea I find the bomb should Epic Games Make HuD Options


                  Bar instead of number is better, because it is easier to read with peripheral vision. Then it does not require thinking "is 38 much or not". It's equivalent of 2 or 3 shots with flak, but number is much different. I guess we could add some kind of scale to the bar (like it is in case of HP in moba games like League), so it would be easier to judge number of shots in weapons with low ammo count.

                  Numbers work in Quake Live quite well because weapon bar is on the left (where eye go first) and numbers are big. I guess big numbers + colorcoding them would be acceptable too.
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                    Latest design 17E for a unified crosshair which incorporates all the original UT4 HUD elements and a reduced version of @Dementiurge Horizontal Weapon Bar for weapon selection.

                    I've posted only one image (the screenshot), so as not to triple post across the threads.

                    If you want a clearer view and explanation behind the madness, please visit the post on my thread for the other two images
                    17E Without Background is transparent so that you can overlay it over some other image
                    17E with background is so that you can see what it actually looks like without overlaying

                    17E – Overlayed on my favourite screenshot of me doing my first #RICHARDRUN
                    It allow for the Unified Crosshair to be displayed clearer in the context of its use. I am using this as my desktop background right now!
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                    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P