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Smartphone/Tablet Integration - UT4 Application/Widget for iOS, WP and Android

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    Smartphone/Tablet Integration - UT4 Application/Widget for iOS, WP and Android

    I admit it is early, but I'd love to talk, discuss and focus on this issue.

    First and foremost of all, all of this talk will be about OPTIONAL applications or widgets. As a sane person, I don't want it to be mandatory and naturally, there wouldn't be an issue about it, but in any case, I'd like to mention that beforehand. (:

    Secondly, this idea comes hand in hand with server-side profiles (like MOBAs do). A login system for UT4 is (almost) a must and we can (should) use this more.

    So, what will this app do? Simple version, your calendar/schedule. Long version is...

    01 - Profiles. It will show you your profile, stats, milestones / achievements, friends, etc. This is not why the app is there but it's nice to have these things where you can throughly look. You can look at other players' profiles too.
    02 - Chat. You will be able to chat with your friends (single or with group), clan or globally on multiple tabs instantly. Therefore you can be with your team when you want it.
    03 - Streaming. You will be able to (video) stream events and/or matches. There will be a detailed system (like multiple cameras, bets, etc.) in-game (as far as I've seen) but with a handheld device, I think a video stream is sufficient.
    04 - Schedule & Upcoming Events. Perhaps this is the most important part of the app. You can see what event is right around the corner or your next match with your clan. You can modify entries (integration with chat is required (will be explained later)) to your hearts content.
    05 - Epic Marketplace.
    06 - More features will be added...

    Schedule & Chat integration: This is a feature that I'd love to happen if this idea will be done. You should be able to share events (clan or global) with your friends & clan and you should be able to share global events globally. A marker (like &event) should bring a dropdown menu to the sender and the sender should choose an event to share. Receivers get the event message color-coded (green for already attending / red for not attending / yellow for awaiting response) and when they touch the colored area, they get a small pop-up right above the text with the details of the event (what, when, (if clan match) with) and with options (attend, don't attend, ask later, (if ongoing streaming event) watch, add to schedule / event list).

    I believe this will improve user interaction with the game as a whole. What do you think about it?

    I don't know if here or User Experience is better for this topic, but here it goes. (:
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