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Quick question: what's the name of the font currently being used in HUD?

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    Quick question: what's the name of the font currently being used in HUD?

    Just that.

    Exo2 Bold (and various sub fonts) and Rajdhani

    Oh and we don't really love either of them so they will be changing I suspect.


      I'm asking because it just so happens that I have experience with type design and I'm making a font with this UT in mind. I have 2 masters from which I can interpolate additional weights. Lighter weights for small text, darker – for notifications etc. This also allows me to quickly make global modifications on width, height etc.

      I'm keeping 3 points in mind:
      1. Font needs to say "UT". Something futuristic or cyberpunk.
      2. Needs to be readable.
      3. Needs to look good even without kerning. Because as far as I seen games don't support it, maybe this one is different?

      It's been only 2 days and it's still quite rough and missing some characters, but what do you think? Not too wide?

      I saw that you use .ttf files, correct? Also can you tell how the engine deals with hinting? Is there even a need for it?
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        Still a little dull. I liked the direction of UT3's fonts overall.

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          Awesome start. I've asked Chris Perna to swing by and make comments. But if you REALLY want to help out right away, we are desperate (and I mean we all HATE) the mono-spaced clock font. In fact, a really clean mono-spaced number font for the HUD would be a god-send.


            What if I made a monospaced version of this?


              Sure. But let me bug Chris again (he's really swamped at the moment) to stop by. I showed him the thread and he had some comments on some of the numbers but he'll do it better justice than me.


                Cool looking font Phoenixed.

                I like how clean and readable it is.

                Here are a few tweaks that would make it better for me:

                -The 6 and the 9 have a teardrop type knock out and it makes them stand out as a bit odd. I wonder if that's easy to clean up.
                -The lowercase font pinches tighter at the curves which, to me, give the lowercase letters a warbled look when I look at them.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	font_tweaks.jpg
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                if you are able to solve those issue it's a pretty nice font.



                  Nice! Fonts can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the game, apps, etc., despite probably being one of the more overlooked aspects. I was talking to Henrik about them a while back and was wondering if it would be feasible to create a font out of the UT logo that would look good as normal text, which should help add some consistency to everything. Obviously it wouldn't work to directly port the logo's characters for normal text given that they're too thick, but I think the key might be the proportions, spacing, and a few minor details.
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                    Hey Phoenixed, so cool that you are helping out. Fascinating to see the different types of talents on the forum. Looking forward to see more of your work!
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                      I changed the numbers and with that I tried changing the style of whole font, making it more futuristic. Still, I'm shooting blind here without knowing what kind of style is needed. More stylized (as in UT3) or more readable (as in older titles)?

                      There's still some curve pinching ("inktraps") at the connections because without them corners look muddy at small sizes.

                      As for the monospaced clock font – I could finish numbers first and upload it even though letters wouldn't be done (it doesn't matter for clock anyway).

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                        I prefer bottom version in both those images.

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