From what ive seen in the pre alpha the menus are ugly and not very sharp or slick looking. The game osu! has the most powerful and simplistic menu ever. It never shows you to much information but all the settings are just a scroll away. It has a really great regex type to search system and also side icons with auto scroll for new players. Its simply the best menu ive ever seen in a game before. Yes osu! is a music rhythm game but I really think something similar could be made for unreal tournament. I just love the colors and the userfeed back the menu gives. Its just so **** good. Even the feature of just scrolling up or down on the mouse wheel to change volume wheels. It even has a pull up irc chat in the client that is super slick and that game is just about perfect.

Download the game and check it out ut devs. its free and yea its a different style of menu but i think it could help inspire ideas that you could use in your own menus.

I would have to say my favorite feature is how the slider-bars work with the value of them being shown in the tooltip box which always follows the cursor. Also the arrow keys do the smallest steps that are displayed so you can always get the exact value you want with easy. Overall osu! has the best menu design ive ever seen in a game and I think many game devs could learn from it.

also this may sound odd but i really like the fact that by default when you first start the game. its runs at your desktop resolution in border less windowed mode