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wiimote/mouse use in UE3 engine games

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    wiimote/mouse use in UE3 engine games

    I posted this post originally in Dirty Bomb forums asking for help in using wiimote IR for gameplay in UE3 engine based games.

    Please read and if any of you have advice, I'd love to read it! Thank you in advance.
    Also, link to video footage of how it runs in UE4:

    "in before anyone says that wiimote is not supported lol...

    Q: for devs:

    first some background:
    wiimote is a mouse emulation, no aim assist. I have gotten it to run 1:1 perfect no lag in all Valve games (csgo etc) and most other games from 2d, racing, third person and FPS except those with UE3 roots. Gameplay so far is fair to good, especially after dropping resolution to lower 1200x700's or so. This isn't an issue for the wiimote program, since it runs perfect in full settings in other games (Tomb Raider on Ultimate, and so on).

    Of course there is a cheat for this- if you connect the PC to monitor as well as HDTV, the resolution on the tv image is immaterial, and you can play using low resolution on the PC monitor (which you can simply turn the monitor off) and get better gameplay on a big screen tv in the living room and use the wiimote. Its a way to fudge the resolution/input issue some, but again, the gameplay using this engine is not excellent yet and therefore not yet competitive with better players.

    Now I want to make it competitive in this game (as well as start a wiimote league for competitive scrims in several games), but it has the same issues any UE3 game engine has. Do you have any advice (and it isnt use a mouse for the hecklers) to get this emulation more responsive and remove lag response to inputs?

    things I need to do:
    -increase sensitivity for wiimote further than 60.
    -reduce lag input inherent in the UE3 game itself.
    -find a balance to increase resolution/game settings while preserving mouse control.

    Thank you!"

    There are several micro stutters (and not video related). Not sure how this wiimoteoncod9 works but I actually used GlovePIE in the past (several years back) and a custom script to mimic a absolute mouse movement with the relative IR (sensor and prediction assistet). I played UT3 and it worked pretty well not sure which method I was using (emulated mouse or emulated joystick). I generally created a generic script which I tested on several game engine. As the emulation was done through GlovePIE, I actually didn't have any problems.

    As I'm capable of programing (and/or using open-source libaries), I prefer to do that instead of "download last version here for WiimoteOnCoD9.exe for 29.99 USD". The problem with the "lag input inherent in the UE3 game itself" might actually be related to that program/software and not UE4/UT4. Other than that, I don't know how to help you on that case as everything is probably only WiimoteOnCoD9-related. Instead of increasing the sensitivity ingame, you could increase the translation value on the Wiimote-software itself. This is mostly called calibrating. A generic method for any game would be to start calibration the Wiimote, actively capture the data the player has to do for a full 360° rotation and use that value to calculate a delta value.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what help you expect here on a closed-source/proprietary/commercial program...?
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      this is a nice help!
      well, to explain, I am testing this program for the developer. I am not trying to sell it to anyone, just want it working the best it can for now. You know it is funny, the program used to be for free a whiles back- but the dev has spent years on this and needs a source of income haha. That is between him and his product tho :P He was nice enough to let me work the kinks out

      Oh the setting on the wiimoteoncod9: uses a tab called 'brink' (based on that game of course)- and it is the only setting we have so far that works in UE3 type games. It is a slower progressive response than what we had before, which also did a good job taking into account small hand movements without doing any sort of aim assist. The tough part of course is making it good for fine aim while not having it go nuts with small hand movements using the wiimote. whoohoo.

      Anyways- can I try out your script from Glovepie? Id love to see how it ran because pretty well is one thing, competitive is another! If I have more detailed questions, can I ask you again later?

      Thank you
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        The script is like as old as the Wiimote itself (well quite) but I'm not sure which script file works best. I tried several methods and used a bad naming scheme, 1 folder (and several GlovePIE versions). I'm not able to test GlovePIE with a Wiimote+IR atm. But i'm sure I would actually use the WiimotePlus code for now. The old script is using the raw values with some algorithms to smooth out any stutter. The motion plus actually removes that with additional hardware which works far better than any software code. But my old script isn't only using IR as relative/absolute translation into the sperical movement but I was using a mix of both and in addition to a acceleration algorithm. It worked far better than any custom script I could find at that time. I tried several games like CoD, Quake, UT-UT3 etc. and most of them could be played well. It was still different to a full mouse-keyboard combination. The most important part for me was a edge detection (and stuff related to that). The problem with the Wiimote is the part that the movement space to whatever setup you have with the sensor bar. If you move the Wiimote to far to any direction, it will loose the connection and the calculation is wrong (stuttering mouse). When ever that would have happened I used the accelration data of the Wiimote to properly calulate the end-mouse cursor. Not sure how far my code got (is a long time ago) but I actually used all for LEDs which would allow to use a custom setup where you would have a bigger movement degree (horizontally).

        I don't want to share that script for now. Not sure if I got the time to properly test my old scripts and maybe even use the newer WiimotePlus gyro sensor data. WiimotePlus would actually allow a sensors-only mouse movement and the IR is just redundant.
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          I appreciate that you do not want to share your script, I think I can understand that- considering that is quite a bit of thought to get something like that going.

          Originally, I felt gyro was the best way to go in terms of response and play in fps games, but the need to rachet the control was a deal breaker. IR of course has its limits as well- but the program we are using now does very well in this regards.

          Our goal is to, as I mentioned before, make it competitive- accurate with quick turning and fine aim. We had considered making a blend, using gyro for center aim and then IR for the rest to avoid the issue of rachet control OR using the IR to reposition and trick the gyro to prevent rachet and recalculate position in-game. This is not feasible thus far within the limits of the wiimote, even with motion plus thus far. Really, amusingly, there are a lot of people using a script that is work that took lednergs motion plus work but no one has made it doable for fps gaming. Thereafter, the dev of the wiimote program I am now working with, many many years ago wrote the glovepie script that is still in use today by many youtubers who post glovepie fps adventures. He saw the limitations and wrote his own from scratch.

          Now we do have fun stuff like the fact it can do: 2d gaming, wheel(which you can turn on/off in-game like in GTA4 so you can finally really drive in the game like I think you should have and then go back to walking mode with a button press), gyro flight stick, and regular windows mouse control.

          Amusingly, the new valve stuff looks like IR on steroids (taken in a whole new way). But that is mainly for VR immersion, but I wouldnt call that competitive to a mouse. The funny thing is, perspective- when people ask me, is this competitive- I say to what? I get blank stares. You mean to a mouse? or a controller? or what? When people tweak their mouse, mouse pad and ingame settings etc- they are so institutionalized to that process that they do not consider that we are trying to do the same for the wiimote. We are trying to find the best settings and if that is beyond the limits of the game, we go back and re-design the program. But before we re-re-re invent the wiimote program again, I will try to see what the limits of UE3 are in this regards. I am hoping I can tweak the game settings themselves first.


            Ok update:
            the developer had moment of brilliance and through a bunch of hard work- the problem is pretty much fixed. Btw, this program doesn't have an issue of IR going off screen/losing view control and only gets crazy if you stand pretty much on TOP of the IR sensor. So yah, the program pretty much works flawless in Unreal 3 engine games as well as Unreal 4 engine games.

            No jitter, no stutter, no weird turning and well- no rage haha. I was up late last night testing it in every game genre:

            NES emulator: 2d gaming, lightgun emulation.
            GTA4: walking beating up civilians and switching to wiiwheel type driving in game with a button press, and then button press back to walking again.
            Dead Space: didnt turn well before, but now its perfect.
            Valve games: still excellent lol, no dead zones.
            Unreal 3: snappy control, regardless of video settings- go max, go large lol.
            Unreal 4: well all i have to test right now is Unreal 4 tournament alpha. It runs great though. simple
            Gyro flightstick: all nerd, all flight simulator. Doesnt run well for Strike vector, but the regular control is excellent. Strike Vector is not a true flight simulator anyways- its an arcade-y game.

            We are preeeeettttttty excited !
            thanks for the input and feedback though. I'll post some videos later this week.