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My idea for the launcher

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    [PROTOTYPE] My idea for the launcher

    The text is obviously taken from the Epic Games launcher.

    Would love some feedback.
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    engine ? editor ?

    i whant not an launcher, i whant installable packs, how ever they an bit big, but i can install offline .


      I don't think the launcher is a part of the community project since it includes both the engine and fortnite.


        The UT team has some control over how the launcher looks and acts plus we can bug the launcher team So if you want to take the current layout and make suggestions go ahead, but understand that we don't have full control over it and there are a lot of shared things that have to remain the same. But by all means post ideas.


          If you want to bug the launcher team about something, how about the way things are updated... there's got to be a way to push only the stuff that's been changed, rather than the whole game every time.

          Also showing the filesize would be nice.

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