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    Uploaded all images to the forum (see first post), since Imgur links are dead sometimes.

    Originally posted by HeisenbergTrip View Post
    Awesome! Lot of work and thought in there, I hope Epic checks this.


      So I've been playing new Starcraft addon for the last month and I want to say it has perfect interface in terms of production quality. They had good UI from the start, but now it's insanely good.
      Fonts, backgrounds, mouse click sounds, menu options, how the transitions are made, tutorials, hints, achievements pages, stats, icons, matchmaking, how custom maps are managed, the logic behind everything - I love it all and a lot of these elements can be used for the new UT. It's really simple, yet very intuitive and has everything you need in a few clicks.

      Here is a random youtube video that shows it, but it'd be better to check it for yourself.


        man.. it's blizzard. They know stuff


          I would like the homepage to be a bit of a "whats going on" thing. It would need ladders, cups and leagues to be built into the game, but showing stuff like recent clan matches and links to the replays, todays top fraggers, best CTFers, etc. upcomming fixtures.

          Things which kind of advertise the community a bit and hopefully get people involved.
          Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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