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    Originally posted by MonsOlympus View Post
    I do wonder why colour is such an issue? There will be maps that are green, some that are gold, others that are blue and even purple... There could even be a map that contains all of the above for all teams that colour so trying to make each thing have its own colour space is fruitless, one of the best things that could possibly happen is less of a focus on colour like the original UT had. The health packs didnt glow but were still reasonably visible etc and while the weapons had colours they didnt have a colour assigned to them so nothing else could take that space.

    In terms of visuals I wouldnt mind the option to have a textless HUD or as minimal text as possible, Im not overly fussed about knowing I have 1 health or 150 armour only how much of a percentage, I think Epic have done this in the past in the background behind the text and icons (with health and ammo) but have never attempted to provide an option without numbers.

    Artistically I think the overall approach is bland, it works for a military game like BF where a minimal art style works but for UT I think it needs to be more scifi, something more akin to the pickup timers even if the transitions only happen when you spawn or static fuzz when you get hit to show it is infact a HUD and not your normal view. I would also like options that auto hide things like the weapon bar when not in use, to minimize on screen display when running and gunning, without all the notifications I picked up ammo x etc and just have good audible notifications.

    those screenshots would be amazingly great box arts for steelbook casing for the game! publish customizable steelbook cases and i'm WILLING to buy it for $15 each


      Originally posted by e1vp View Post
      My advise: those blue and red colors looks dull. What if team colors stay like in dm but with color frame. For example:

      this screenshot looks absolutely beautiful! perfect realistic shading and the shock rifle fits the environment! this would make great screenshots for the box art on the back of it!


        keep it simple & concise. black/white, grey, rainbow, red/black/white, pure silver, Terran, Zerg, Protoss, Xel' Naga color schemes would be a great alternative.


          Do you realize this is and not
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            Originally posted by Entropy View Post
            Much discussion and review internally and I wanted to share our current thoughts:

            - The basic rectangular backdrops might need a bit of love to give them life, but overall we feel that they do fit with the look we're going for.
            - We don't have a handful of set colors that are nicely representative of an object, we use every dern color, some of which are used to mean multiple things. Green is both health and Bio... and Thundercrash... and Link; red is both RL and red team... and damage indicators; purple is both UDamage and SR; etc. This means no frames in the HUD, as the overarching goal is to let the game content provide the color and keep it out of the HUD and UI wherever possible. This is a problem that still needs solving for team games. Investigating.
            - The weapon bar in the mock up is very readable because it removes boxes, bars, colors and all distracting elements to focus only on the one weapon in your inventory.
            - Some people want the weapon bar back on the bottom, and we'll do our best to enable that. That said, we are very cognizant of the fact that weapon groups are clearer with the side bar, visibility is better, and there is less confusion about things like which direction the mouse scrolls. Overall, UX is better on the side and as a default setting, we're still in favor of putting it there.
            - At some point VOIP and TTS should come on board and that will help considerably, but in the meantime we absolutely agree that chat needs to be separated out better. Investigating.
            - Join and leave notifications should be showing up, and their absence is purely a bug. Investigating.

            Very WIP team comps on the HUD:



            Team logos are arguably a bit much, could go either way.
            Destiny's hud is similarly elemental and relies exclusively on rectangles, text, and icons. To some extent, these concepts look like they're attempting to resemble that standard. However, Destiny's hud has a few things going for it that cross the gap from 'MSPaint with translucency' to 'modern', in no particular order:
            - View/perspective distortion. (It's trending!)
            - Color-coded bars in place of numeric counters. This works for Destiny because the game doesn't value numerical precision.
            - Abstract text messages (E.g. "A Gorgon has found its prey.") and icons reserved for choosable variables, like grenade choice.

            The result is a hud that becomes modern by being boiled down to the least complexity. And in a way it complements Destiny perfectly, because the game is as simple and abstract as the hud.

            If UT is going to work with a modernist hud it would first have to be a modernist game... and it isn't. Not by a long shot.
            If I was to bet on what this game's going to be like, it's either going to be dark and rusty and photorealistic like Outpost, or have a comically patriotic 'ESPN' flavor judging by the choice of official logo, and the style of fragcenter. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try white backgrounds with bright saturated reds, blues and greens even in the teamless DM hud. Madden or FIFA would be better references for a fledgeling e-sport than Destiny.


              UT is sort of modern because it does have a lot of futuristic settings and weapons. It encompasses a lot of different styles into an esports game so you can't really label it.

              The latest HUD looks fantastic already I hope its in the next build. I love the simple Counter-Strike style, it works perfect for UT.
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                Wow at the screenshot in post #6 - I want that hud layout!
                At the very least, please please let me put my weapons along the bottom instead of up the side.

                I've tried it for many many hours already but still have to deliberately look at the side to see what I have.
                Along the bottom I never used to have to look, I could see it in my lower peripheral vision.

                It's easier to compare ammo amounts when the icons are horizontal as well.


                  Agree with post number 6 screenshot!


                    Not so long ago F51 made a sharp fragmovie of UT 2004. Seriously, Epic, and you did not support the design HUD from this man?


                      Maybe change frames position something like so

                      All weapons line up in order of priority for each player, from weapon priority in settings. Most using weapons in beginning. And massage Lighting Gun You picked up a flak ammo appears from left or from right depending on the weapon.
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                        ^ What?

                        In regards to art direction - throwing in more love for that F51 look. Still so sexy.
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                          F51's HUD is amazing


                            Would be great if we could have an option to customize hud a bit more. I'd love to have weapons on the bottom. Just can't get used to the one we've got right now.


                              We'll still have modular HUD, right? Right?
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                                Epic I know you guys got a lot on your hands and you might be already planning this, but it would be awesome if just this simple HUD was at least in the next build. Would go a LONG WAY I think in making the game look more appealing to people who are just now downloading it.