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HUD Design Thread Part III

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    The new HUd elements from Yesterdays stream find i very nice


      new HuD Elements in the Center is better as the Old HuD
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        Not for everyone chris, i prefer old horizontal hud. Without any indicators in middle in ut2k4 you would get instaban for. a tool like this it indicates almost everything, ut is skilled based game there ahouldnt be imdicators when you are low hp, low armor etc, whats next clock timer for shields and armor ^^?
        I think its time we get the option something like "legacy hud" and option to colorize it.
        2k4, ut99 where great huds. Even outdated for todays standards I cant get used to verctical Hud in new unreal only confuses me :P


          Since everyone seems to be pro quick stats we should just return to the horizontal bottom weapon bar and paper doll on the left bottom corner as the default HUD. Seems only natural at this point. We tried the side weapon bar yea its nice and it works but its not as functional there.

          I get that the side weapon bar matches the scroll wheel, cool. But once you get past the casual stage you don't use mouse wheel anymore you use number keys and the horizontal bottom weapon bar works MUCH better for that. Its right on top of the keys and you could map each weapon to each key you want and watch it mirror above.


            I used to play some Relfex, a game heavily inspired by quake, and one of my favorite things about reflex is how easy it is to customize the hud. it was simple LUA scripting, and one of my favorite custom widgets was this:

            i NEED a centered hud, i simply cannot have my health and ammo on the edges of the screen, its too far away from my peripheral vision when i'm fighting and focusing on my crosshair. If some1 could work on, or teach me to work on and do, a better method of customizing the hud, or port this kind of a widget into unreal, i would greatly appreciate it.

            p.s. i would be playing reflex, but the movement system in that game has WAY too high of a skill floor. i have spent HOURS trying to get the movement down enough that i feel comfortable fighting real ppl, so long that i don't get to the real fighting until i'm more than 30 hours into the game. unreal has a simple enough movement system that i can learn and start fighting relatively quickly, thats why i like unreal better.


              Originally posted by RNGuy View Post
              I think UT2004 HUD was the best: weapon bars at the bottom; ammo is yellow bar; neutral looking gradients. I would want it to be the same as in UT2004 (the only change need is to display what armor parts you have)
              I guess I kind of want the weapons down at the bottom of the screen again with the yellow ammo bar, too. I just can't get used to them on the right side. I guess this one isn't so bad where the weapons are numbered with vertical bars for each one. I would also like it if all weapon types were shown with ones you don't have in your possession having a transparent background and the ones you do have having a colored background of some sort.

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                My opinion as a player, is that the game interface to be simple and smooth as possible. Because despite this Hud good, takes up more screen space than necessary .