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    [CONCEPT ART] Goliath 3D Consept

    Welp after browsing through the forums no one has made any models for the Goliath so I decided to make my own using blender, (after looking up a **** ton of tutorials), and loosely basing the design off of this image I found using google.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Tank.jpg
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ID:	361541

    Do note that the image and model is far from finished, but I would like to see what you guys make of it. And as to the reason why it doesn't have tracks yet is I am wanting to add in a pivoting track system that I'll hopefully sketch out later to better exemplify my point. Let me know what you think.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Goliath Consept3.png
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ID:	361542Click image for larger version

Name:	Goliath Consept2.png
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Name:	UT Goliath Consept.png
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ID:	361544

    New gif explaining the tracks. Also if you know how to set what I am looking to do up in Blender, please let me know.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Goliath-Consept-Tracks.gif
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ID:	361545Click image for larger version

Name:	Goliath-Consept-Tracks2.gif
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ID:	361546
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    Looks like a good start! Looking forward to seeing this come to life.
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      Same here looks basic atm hope it comes to life soon ut needs ons!


        Think that the best design for most axon vehicles is look like "futuristic-modified" usual military vehicle, for me goliath in UT3 look very good (yes it look absolutely usual), becouse goliath monolithic big vehicle and tank tracks are monolithic and big too. This 1/2 track is similar with SPMA tracks. And think these are the tracks very good for axon vehicle, but not goliath, for another vehicle which can replaces SPMA. Think, SPMA can be partially replaced by something similar else with 1/2 tracks.

        someone working on vehicle models
        Have not tried to make models, but dont understand one thing. How can somebody make a model not having a working (code, balance, exemplary look) version of vehicle box and proportions, features and ets. And especially not having full axon vehicles concepts and full vehicles concepts pool of UT4.
        when the time comes for vehicles, Epic will use any community models
        And not undertand this thing, how different peoples can do the their own models without control of one lead designer person or one lead designer team. One very skilled modeller in lead developers team do all things right dealing with game designer and programmers, because everything is interconnected in one model. And how one forum user make something for post Epic games team (or who make now UT4). Can understand make concepts\ideas, but make factual part of game. And what is the competition, 10 users make one object and after that lead designer chooses one best model and likely reworks it? Or lead modeller anyway will make its own model based on user model?
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          For everyone here who were wondering about what happened to the tank. No I am not done working on this tank, but I have gone through a lot and ultimately lost the original file for the model. But that's a good thing because it gives me a chance to start again with fresh new ideas along with better skills to animate the vehicle.

          I will keep you all posted on any progress or future updates. This is my official "I am not dead" post. :P


            great work Nalothisal, you can hand me the prototype if you have a solid version and i can add it to UTvehiclemutator:
            Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


              That may take me a bit since I have to start from scratch, but I will keep you posted.