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    Some one over at Epic just need to finish the **** Code already! It was started, I saw it on github 2 years ago. This whole project has become a joke! The community has put so much into this....we just want a little back!
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      Thanks for clarifying exo7341. It's still exciting.


        n0niz, is that the Cicada from UT3 or did you make a new one?


          It is in the editor already as mesh. Next step is making it a blueprint and code the config, physics and controls. Thats it then. If you wanna make onslaught, hit me up on discord and i can help you. Its quite easy, just takes time. I can some vehicles then, but it makes no sense to make vehicles if we have no gamemode for it. I'm not making it for randomly drive arround
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            So, I've decided to try another approach. This time vehicle is setup using just physics - a body with four constrained wheels (i.e. no raycast tracing or Tick force application like before).

            Further, it's based off Pawn class (i.e. could be normally possessed by a Controller), and alsoBots have no problems treating it as an enemy (vehicle needs UT's team interface implemented for that). Also, it could be controlled via Controller's InputVector value (however Pawn doesn't have it implemented) - which potentially could lead to AI's ability to drive them (yes, AI could already control Character based classes via MovementComponents, but imo it's a good question how this will work if Character has a physics simulating skel mesh).

            It seems some physics related stuff wasn't finished in 4.15, so I wasn't able to setup spring damping for instance (which is works just fine in 4.19).

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              That's really cool, it functions well minus the damping. Have you seen the shopping carts in Fortnite? They have the physics down really well and they have air control. If only they would transfer it to UT.
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