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What kind of tank design for Unreal Tournament?

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    What kind of tank design for Unreal Tournament?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had and concept designs for the Goliath tank from Unreal Tournament. I was thinking that a new design would have a low height and slopped armor on all sides at 45 degree angles.

    My opinion UT3 Goliath has very good design without double-double tracks, not super high tower and it is a "high end futuristic" tank able to move and fight in "space". If add something more unreal to this vehicle as variant (—Āonsidering how big the vehicle is in size) add the installation of mines on the ground by press jump button. It is possible to have this feature and looks good in theory. The tank automatically stops its movement after pressing the jump button and when it has completely stopped, the heavy mine automatically leaves behind and is set on the ground + cooldawn. Why not? A large powerful but not technological mine on ground. Explodes when the enemy or vehicle touch it but not when it is near. 250-300 damage as variant and 400-500 HP have this mine to destroy it. This is more a barrier than a weapon. But it looks good - Goliath rides the base or "camp place" and installs many non-special mines on ground. Max mines amount 4-6 and past mines being replaced by new ones are switched off and disappear. If the tank is destroyed, the mines not active and disappear. Nightshade install special much more powerful technology mines which look more like fortress elements.

    In active combat with a constant movement (especially if the tank slowly stops to zero speed) install mines will not work otherwise the tank will become an easier target.

    I do not think that the zoom ability is good for the gatling (second driver) becouse machine gun is a low-tech and duplicates the needed ability of the goliath first driver to zoom the camera. As variant second driver alt. fire change type of ammo which machine gun use. Something like automatic switch to another machine gun belt. And this ammo type works differently - these bullets are tracers a bit more accuracy, fly farther, have one bounce off the ground or solid objects and may pass through enemies and vehicles and can hit enemy twice or more, but less damage. Standart ammo type without switching is like heavy machine gun with its max damage. Firing all time by press only primary fire button. This ability may be interesting for Axon tank.
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