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    [CONCEPT ART] Scorpion

    I wanted to draw something, drew a scorpion,

    I'll try to draw it in more angles, but it'll be on paper since i'm not good at digital art.
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    Looks cool to me! Would love to see vehicles in ut4


      I think that developers can replace the plasma grenade of a scorpion with a plasma minigun. Graphically and with respect to design, it may even be better to approach a scorpion than a plasma grenade becouse one big and not fast flying plasma granade not absolutely suited scorpion vehicle, more suitable something more lighter in weight, but with the same functionality.

      For example - plasma minigun - it shoot many small plasma shots that have similar parameters and similar fly and also disappear at medium distances as plasma grenade do. But shooting looks more plasma-flow than one single bio-rifle like shot. And this small plasma shots are anti-air also. This "plasma is magnetized" to flying vehicles. Due this plasma shots are small and faster there is no similarity with an attack from a biorifle. And as I know there was not such a plasma minigun in UT.

      And scorpion alt. fire for example - if you remove the retractable blades and give something like this to a vehicle of another race (krall as variant) new scorpion alt. attack may looks like a shot by a mass electric shocker-stingers at once from two parts, left and right, one press, not hold button + some cooldawn after use. This is equal (but work a little different) to the blades but does not break parts of the scorpion (blades). I mean "electric-plasma" scorpion variant. And the manta vehicle more mechanical as previous model.

      Scorpion blades not very good also becouse you need hold this even maneuverability is less but it still better hold alt. attack button which is not very good for the constant movement of the vehicle forward. Although it looks cool and interesting. But the self-destruction of the vehicle must remain ofcouse.