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UT vehicle ideas and gameplay concepts (Trying to fit the UT / Unreal universe)

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    UT vehicle ideas and gameplay concepts (Trying to fit the UT / Unreal universe)

    I will suggest and conceive a few vehicles from the idea perspective, some of them will be of course UT counterparts, others things I think that should be worth thinking and probably add.

    Concept 1/
    The exosuit

    This vehicle is a mechanized suit filled with armor, strength and most importantly agility, it's sightly bigger than an average player, and is probably the only vehicle without the ability to crush oponents
    The gameplay purpose is to have something truly all terrain with armor. In terms of speed it's pretty much on par with averagely fast land vehicles.

    The weapons, the weapons are mostly anti tank ranged and anti infantry melee

    HP 150
    Speed 70 km/h
    Jump height 20m

    Concept 2/

    This sort of backpack allow players to move faster, but without being able to shoot weapons

    HP Player's HP and Armor
    Speed 85 km/h

    Concept 3/
    The mantacycle

    This is an hybrid motorcycle with an hover mode, it's a practical and fast jet based motorcycle, but it can also turn into an hoverbike through a transformation

    HP 200
    Speed 270 km/h land 210 km/h hover

    Concept 4/
    The buggy

    This very fast vehicle can carry a passenger and is made to cross a lot of terrains, it's a scout and support vehicle as with two players it can help a lot with cover fire and it's speed makes it a good vehicle to harass people.

    HP 400
    Speed 220 km/h (300 with turbo boost)

    Concept 4/
    The APC

    This vehicle is a slowish land vehicle it's main goal is to carry armed players to the field and be a mobile point of defense
    It's also conceived as an Anti air vehicle with flak cannons and missiles
    Once deployed it raises its armor and pull up cover points that can be useful as long as it faces the right direction.

    HP 1000 (1.4 damage resistance when deployed)
    Speed 115 km/h

    Concept 5

    The ATV

    This vehicle is basically a tweaked hellbender, the driver have access to two miniguns on the hood that can somewhat rotate. The passenger uses shock turret
    And the one on the turret uses a powerful laser with a constant beam. The ATV is amphibious too.

    HP 600
    Speed 140 km/h

    Concept 6

    The tank

    The vehicle is your basic tank, it shoots sabot rounds or missiles, and if you press the spacebar, it can launch smoke grenades. The second driver seat uses a machine gun and grenade launcher

    HP 800
    Speed 80 km/h

    Concept 7

    The Mech

    The Mech is a powerful unit with a lot of armor and powerful weapons, it's quite mobile and can be piloted with two people
    It's armed with 2 railguns, missile pods, a powerful hydropneumatic punch, and flak auto guns

    HP 2000
    Speed 96 km/h

    Concept 8

    The Howitzer

    This is a mobile indirect fire unit with mortar in mobile mode and low pressure explosives, and when deployed it will work with a powerful unit with exceptional range

    HP 700
    Speed 90 km/h

    Do you think you could draw your concepts? I'll give you a few images to learn from.


      In a way I should provide artwork because I'm capable of doing so, but don't expect the graphical and rendering quality of those here.
      But I can try getting some 3D artwork with basic colors or a 2D B&W sketch.


        That's fine. As long as you get better with practice so we can all see some really good artwork. Because I have a feeling you can create concepts that will inspire people to make models, if I do say so myself.

        When you're ready, show us what you got, Blade!