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    [PROTOTYPE] UTVehicleMutator

    May i introduce the UTVehicleMutator

    Download Mutator:

    Download prototype Map:

    UTCC wiki page:

    Vehicle MapKit:!EI1TXKqZ!poRhQWYbA...pDyf6syYybevGQ


    This mutator for UT4 adds vehicles, if the map is build with the Vehicle-MapKit for vehicle spawns.
    This mutator is in prototype process, so bugs can occur. Hellbender is supported and more vehicles like Cicada or tank will be added. All coding is placed inside the vehicle, so other mods can use it.


    Download the UTvehicleMapKit and place the Mutators folder in your Content folder.

    Content > Mutators > UTVehicleMutator > etc

    You can place the "Spawn" classes like "HellbenderSpawn" in your map. If you want, you can also use coding on the variables of the original vehicles. The coding is empty but the variables can be used.


    If you see a map, where should be vehicles, you have to use this UTVehicleMutator as active mutator to spawn vehicles. The mutator will patch the map files for the vehicles. This allows easy patching and updating.


    The most convinient way is to create own ruleset, category or gamemode tab.


    If you are working on a big gamemode like Onslaught, it is possible to contact this mutator owner to send the whole UTVehiclemutator code over. This allows easy integrating into a gamemode.

    Thx to exo7341, who programmed the car physics.

    Notes in general:

    This is a prototype version. There are still many bugs, so no need to mention them. I am quite aware of those.

    This mutator is mainly build for online gaming. Offline bugs can occur, which don't happen online.

    Version Notes:


    -Hellbender is useable: 5000 Health, Respawn 5 seconds.
    -Hellbender can smoke, explodes and has destroyed animation
    -Driver can run other players over, gets kill and "RoadKill" voice (online)
    -car respawn on expolded, KillZ or UTPain Volume overlap
    -Keys getting detected. Jumping flips the car. Q or E enters/leaves the car.
    -Physics still WIP
    -Possessing still WIP
    -HUD missing
    -Shooting missing

    -if car stucks, player has to move the car a bit by touching it
    .if camera bugs out, then suicide and respawn
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    So Cool. Thanks for working on this.

    *** 7-zip won't extract that rar file for me. Any suggestions on other extractors to use.


      how about winrar
      Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


        Thank you. Weird how 7-zip has always opened rar files for me (and still does) but won't open that one.

        How would I get the vehicles to appear in a TDM game played through the editor? I placed the spawn class but when I play it doesn't show up in game.


          Nice n0niz !

          (btw you could also disable ReceiveDecals parameter to avoid projections from level's decal actors)
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            On the test map the wheels are not rotating in the center.


              thx exo i check that out. I will repeat the notes in general: This is a prototype version. There are still many bugs, so no need to mention them. I am quite aware of those.

              Lets see if the car is even used on a map or gamemode
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                Ah, okay. I watched your video on my phone the first time and I didn't see that it was happening there also. I wouldn't call that just a bug with the wheels flapping around like that, lol. It's not happening in exo's video, which is why I thought it was worth mentioning but no need to repeat yourself in bold letters anymore. I will refrain from pointing out the obvious.


                  there will be a phase of players reporting bugs, which i will announce then. But at the moment there's no point to report any bugs, cause there are many of course.
                  Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


                    temps me to re-install the game, we'll see if i get time.

                    funny i still had the game installed, what might be nice is that you mention somewhere to use the "Q" key to enter/exit, maybe i missed it !!!!
                    now i might even dl the editor, not sure cos 25 gb is a lot for me
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