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    [PROTOTYPE] UT4 Vehicle Prototypes

    I've been collaborating with Chatouille to try to make a functional VCTF gamemode for UT4.
    I've made a shell version of the VCTF-Suspense for test purposes. The map has all the vehicle meshes from UT3 as placeholder & we are gradually replacing them with our prototype vehicles.

    So far we have a pretty solid custom vehicle parent class (made by Chatouille) that takes care of the crazy stuff like entry / exit/ inventory / driver character / netcode etc.
    There will be three subclasses for now : Hover, Wheeled & Flying.

    We started with the hover class first & successfully made working prototypes for Manta & Hoverboard.
    Next in line are the wheeled vehicles of which Hellbender & Scorpion are done. Next in line would be Goliath & maybe the Hellfire SPMA.
    After that we'll do the flying types starting with Raptor.

    I make initial prototype blueprints, placeholder animations, animation blueprints & associated cosmetics like audio etc.
    Chatouille does the refactoring & netcode stuff.
    We've had some additional help from Exo & Narayana as well.

    I hope to keep adding to this thread with updates. Hopefully we'll have a VCTF playtest soon.

    Thanks to my Patreon supporters & amazing UT community for keeping me motivated.

    MANTA on VCTF -Suspense




    Great work!! I love this project..and this is the Only post that gets me excited about Unreal Tournament again. It would be nice to see some of these source files be released for other people to work on and expand upon. I myself have a few VCTF maps in need of vehicles.
    Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!


      Very nice works displayed here! Keep it Up!
      I can picture these vehicles on here already.
      Explosive High Voltage UT99


        Megasporwic Thanks for the Patreon support! I really appreciate it. If you have discord, you could join my dev server. Contact me on discord at Mogno#7162 & I'll send you an invite.
        Regarding the source, I have plans for making it open sourced once we reach a stable build. Until then we'll have a placeholder bp that map editors can place on their map for vehicle spawns. This way we can ensure to auto update vehicles through a mutator.


          Are you still working on this? This is great work man.


            Originally posted by IzayoiKagemaru View Post
            Are you still working on this? This is great work man.
            Yup. But progress is quite slow since I'm almost done with my part & now waiting for the Blueprint experts to do some refactoring.


              Slow news is always better than no news.
              Explosive High Voltage UT99


                Just found this thread, have been hoping someone would rise to the challenge! Looking forward to some play testing!


                  Did anything ever happen with this? I have some coding skills and am willing to help.