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[Concept Idea] Toxic Rifle - The new goo

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    [Concept Idea] Toxic Rifle - The new goo

    Howdy Everyone

    This is a simple concept idea of how the Liandri could have evolved the:“Bio Rifle“ over the past years and make it more usefull and accurate during combat. This concept combines the most common used fire mode of our Bio Rifle with two new more usefull fire modes for the primary and secondary fire mode. As this concept is basicly just a minor change for the classic: Bio Rifle, the weapon could be easily morphed into a all new Toxic Rifle.

    Just a notice on the side:
    This would be a gameplay changing concept, but this concept is an idea of how we could make the Bio Rifle much more effective, accurate, usable and versatile during combat.

    Toxic Rifle:

    Primary Fire
    Damage Type: Splash Damage
    Launches a capsul filled with goo in a parabolic arc at a rate of about 1 capsul per 1.2 seconds.Those technical looking capsuls of goo grenades will explode 3 seconds after they're fired and are able to bounce of walls, making it difficult to time the explosion.The slow projectile speed combined with slow fuse and its parabolic arc, makes it a risky weapon on close range combat but it can effectively be used to defend a control point during Team Play or a certain Pickup during Duel and even to cover yourself while you're running away. In addition, the Toxic Rifle's primary fire is able to surprise enemies coming througha hallway with predicted shots. Outclassed by the Rocket Launcher the Toxic Rifle still does massive splash damage and massive damage on a direct impact and makes the vision greenish and foggy while beeing insidethe splash damage area for a short period of time (1 to 2 seconds due to the smoke from the explosion).

    The Damage of the toxic capsul can actually vary from 1 - 90 damage, dependingon how far the opponent is in the center of the splash damage explosion. A full direct hit with the toxic capsul does massive 100 damage.

    Secondary Fire
    Damage Type: Splash Damage
    Launches a proximity mine capsul filled with toxic goo in a parabolic arc at a rate of about 1 per 1.2 seconds.Those technical looking capsuls of goo are able to stick on objects, wallsand players. If sticked to a wall for example the proximity mine capsul sets it self to active and blinks with shiny team colored dot, to make it more visible for the players. Once the proximity minecapsul is approuched by an opponent, the opponent is able to hear abeep sound. After the third beep sound the Proximity Mine will explode in a devastating splash damage explosion which makes the vision greenish and foggy while beeing inside the splash damage area.

    Basic proximity mine damage:
    The Damage of the proximity mine capsul can actually vary from 1 - 90 damage, depending on how far the opponent is in the center of splash damage explosion. Also the Proxmity Mine detonades instant once it's damaged.
    To be able to disarm it.

    Direct Hit damage:
    Ona lucky, full direct hit the proxmimity mine capsul will stick to the opponent. Once hitted you'll reiceve a warning: saying “You have been mined“ after the warning the player will see a countdown, counting down from 3. On exact 0 the promixmity mine capsul will explode in a devastating explosion dealing massive 100 damage and heavy splash damage to sourrounding players e.g. you're team mates if you're beeing mined.

    Proximity Mine stack size:
    To balance proximity mines the proximity mines have a stack size of 1 proximity mine per 3 x 3 meter square. If more than one proximity mines are stacked within the 3 x 3 meter square the proxmimity mine will detonade instantly, with a doubled splash damage area. (Metric Info: 2 Meter the height of most doors used in private homes. 1 Meter is for most men a very big step)

    Charged Secondary Fire
    Damage Type: Damage over Time
    As an homage to the classic G.E.S. Bio Rifle, the Toxic Rifle charges toxic waste into it's barrel as the player holds down the secondary fire button. Once the held down secondary fire button is released the goo blob is launched in a parabolic arc and the player can only refire or re-charge the Toxic Launcher after 1.5 seconds

    Toxic Web:
    On release the Toxic Rifle launches a blob of goo in a parabolic arc.The glibbery blob of goo slithers on the ground once its hits thefloor. After 5 seconds the blob of goo explodes into a defensive eglibbery and sticky web of goo. As the Toxic Web is more used for defensive situations the Toxic Web doens't deal as much damage as a full direct hit, but The Web is able to slow down an opponet by 30% over 3 seconds (if the opponent is trapped inside the web) and is able to slow down projectiles of weapons by 20% (if they travel through the Web). Once the web is damaged it brakes and drips down on the floor and walls andthen disappears. Walls and Floors become slippery for a short period of time making crouch sliding and wall sliding a bit uncontrolled if its used on the goo web remains.The Web does 25 DMG per second over 3 seconds on contract.

    Direct hit with a full charged toxic blob of goo:
    On a lucky direct hit, the blob of goo explodes instantly into a Toxic Web, once it makes contract with a player dealing massive damage: 40 DMG per second over 3 seconds.
    I actually like the concept idea. Soudns fresh.
    Sounds good but i dont like the secondary fire
    I would still prefere the default Bio Rifle
    Last edited by ArKtur; 03-06-2016, 12:25 PM.

    My concept is basicly the same conecept as "Sid's Bio Launcher" that he showed of once in the stream. My conecept idea came much earlier before Sid's concept. My idea includes the same red blinking light
    befoe the bio capsul explosion and also the grenish dust after the explosion. The Fireing Modes are also nearly the same, but inclue one extra Fire Mode with a proximity mine and more features including that a destroyed
    Bio Web makes the Walls and Floor slippery. Interesting is that even my conecept is nearly the same that it doenst got mentioned. Well maybe i should have named the creation: "Toxic Launcher"