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Shock rifle medium combo sphere

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    Shock rifle medium combo sphere

    If enemy shock rifle shot in small sphere can make big sphere, maybe any weapons can do similar.

    If hit enemy shock rifle small sphere, small sphere explodes, make medium combo sphere but its damage and radius x0.5 and this sphere is neutral. It attacks all. Medium shpere not require extra ammo. Small sphere not explodes, because it facing the ground collision is soft and not hard.

    Perhaps, ally can make a medium friendly sphere from friendly small sphere too. And only shock rifle shot make neutral big combo sphere.

    For example, if there was one ammo, сan make medium sphere using sniper rifle.
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    Another variant 1

    Maybe alt. fire small sphere not canceled, when it attacked the enemy, but the second attack of the enemy already destroys small sphere. The small sphere looks like damaged and without the second attack of the enemy the small sphere exists a time equal to half of the time which it had already flown. If a small sphere flew by 2 seconds in the air and corrupted it still fly 1 second and disappears after that. Shock rifle alt. fire mass attack is possible and more effective like shot directly at the enemy. Flight speed of the corrupted small sphere does not change as an opportunity to make combo. It is easier to damage the small sphere using minigun, then rocket launcher.

    Or, instead of the second hit, a small sphere has 50 HP. Then the rocket launcher and minigun approximately equalize to shoot down the small sphere.

    Another variant 2 (probably better)

    Any hit make small sphere damaged. The small damaged sphere also does not lose speed and does not disappear with time. And the second hit not destroyed sphere. The power of the sphere is not reduced, but damaged small sphere combo has 1/2 of its size and 1/2 of its power as it has been described above. Small sphere does not blow itself after hit. Only a change in the normal small sphere of a damaged. Shock rifle alt. fire mass attack is possible and has maximum efficiency and shot directly at the enemy too like before was. And not necessarily need a very fast movement speed of the small sphere.

    It does not irritate the attacker that his small sphere will be destroyed, but the combo efficiency drops heavily (as an variant 1,25/3 of size and 1,25/3 of power). The small sphere is destroyed after a collision with a surface or object, as before. The number of ammo used for combo is the same.

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