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    Originally posted by JBcathers2 View Post
    I think it would be interesting to have different starting weapons like
    * Enforcer (default) + melee weapon
    * Skaarj blaster/claws (for Skaarj)
    * ninja stars + melee weapon (for ninjas)
    Melee weapons
    * Impact Hammer (default)
    * fists
    * knife
    * chainsaw
    * ninja sword (for ninjas)

    Maybe the medieval stuff should be in next chaosUT.
    I think it would be really good if the M240 Brovo GPMG was in Unreal Tourment
    pimaray fire;Machine gun fire [7.62x55 bullets]
    secondary fire:fires a shotgun blast of .410 bullets at a much slower rate



      Would like to redeemer missile blast has a greater impact effect. The effect on the enemies to which touched explosion. Having minimal damage, they fall to the ground leaning on knee, but quickly get up to his feet. This is a "slight fall to the ground". But if the enemy is behind a wall in the main blast area, he"strongly falls to the ground" and long getting on its feet as before in UT.

      If the enemy stand on hoverboard and got "slight fall to the ground" he does not fall from the hoverboard, but only its slight shaken once. If the enemy stand on hoverboard and got "strongly fall to the ground" the hoverboard automatically canceled and enemy falls to the ground as if he got "slight fall to the ground".

      Maybe sitting in vehicle and being in an redeemer missile blast area appears graphical camera effect the shadowing or noise. The effect is very fast runs.

      And redeemer missile always explode if enemy hit it. Perhaps explosion size of damaged missile has only 1/2 of its size. But does the same damage.

      design of weapons should be very similar to originals to keep it from failing like ut3 did
      Are you seriously think so? If so, maybe we played in different UT3 games.
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        Perhaps to destroy barricades that require an explosive charge can use 2-3 redeemer attack or other super weapon attack. Barricades have 4000-5000 HP, but the standard weapons does not apply to barricades, do not reduce any HP, only super weapon can do that. Explosive charge has 4000-5000 damage in small-average area as before.

        About the explosive charge. It is also axon(?) super weapon. But it has many differences. Changing to charge-spider.

        Explosive charge like a large controlled robot-spider. Normally it looks like a folded robot with some small wheels and 2-3 pairs of spider legs. This spider much larger then standard single spider from spider-mine. This charge can be hidden and switch to standart weapon. But it is the clumsy and very long for switch to standard weapons super weapon. It is necessary to 6-8 seconds for preparing and for switch to another weapon. But the soldier does not look strange running with mine in the hands. Think this restriction is unnecessary.

        Primary fire - as in UT3, but the charge can automatically sticks to the enemy or vehicle (or only to the vehicles and objects) if it touched while dropping.

        Alt. fire - controlled as redeemer missile big charge-spider. But this robot can not fly, and moves along the ground. Movement speed slightly above normal soldier running speed (without hoverboard). All keyboard and mouse control is now in the big charge-spider.

        Charge-spider can move using WASD. Can jump using jump button. It has small-caliber gun which is controlled by mouse. Poor weapons are not replaced soldier only for protection against low HP enemy. Average firing range, good-average accuracy, but only weak 10 damage per second. Charge-spider has 100-150 HP. If the enemy will destroy it, the charge-spider will not explode, but only to break. Control is transferred to the owner. Charge-spider also not explode if enemy kill the charge-spider owner.

        Charge-spider primary fire - small-caliber gun shooting like goliath second driver fire, but weaker.
        Charge-spider alt. fire - explosion that turns on instantly or almost instantly. Like primary fire with charge in hands, but need not wait for the activation of the explosion.

        Maybe if pressed crouch button charge-spider stops and transformed back into explosive charge on the ground which can pick up enemy. At this time, control proceeds to the current owner. He can move and do any action at any time (as long as the enemy does not take his explosive charge or maybe ally), switch to explosive charge again, re-activate and take control of the charge-spider

        Perhaps taking invisibility, this charge also becomes invisible as a bonus while is active invisibility. But the enemy can detect invisible charge-spider using something similar to avril laser pointer (maybe a sniper rifle).
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          It would be interesting if you can attach one spider-mine to the one non-flying vehicle using weapon similar to avril from UT3 or use sniper rifle alt. fire zoom with aiming the sight first on the spider-mine, then on the vehicle.Spider-mine is powered by a vehicle. From the vehicle comes a thin ray to a spider-mine and it is not destroyed with time or this time much more longer (maybe the higher the speed of vehicle movement, the earlier spider-mine will be destroyed).

          If the spider-mines are something like universal robot, you can attach one spider-mine to the flying vehicle. It will be transformed into drone-robot-mine like. Also with a thin ray to it. Spider's paws in flying mod transform into helicopter blades. But without the attaching this spider-mine to the vehicle it is inpossible to have separately flying spider-mines.
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            And if talk about impact-hammer. To choose initially this weapon is not right becouse the shooter conception does not allow to do this without penalty, even if the hammer is taken in hand faster than any other weapon. Maybe canception is the translocator build-in the left hend of exoskeleton-armor and the hammer build-in the right hand. And if press impact hummer button - the character quickly takes the current weapon in hands with his left hand from above, this weapon is almost perpendicular in left hand to the player (adds one more graphic element to the game - a side view of the standart weapon in the hands). And the hammer is gaining power while the hammer activation button is hold, after the reliase button - the right hand attack the enemy with hammer-spear-blow. This all works faster than a separate weapon. There is not shield in this conception.

            Such a hammer does not allow bouncing off a surface or a wall. Just attack. In this concept the translocator in left hand and the hammer in the right hand - these devices are not a weapons and have not alt. fire. And also work not like a standart weapons. Work by hold-unhold button. These two devices - are build-in and the main things of game. It all something like exoskeleton-based elements of armor.

            But the impact hammer in the right hand do not increase the character movement speed. Translocator in the left hand is raplaced by folded hooverboard. When activated, dumped down under the legs is transformed into hooverboard, As option it can work while the player hold the hooverboard button. But this is not practical, although in some places it can be convenient. And in this case also сorrespond to the hold-unhold the devices by button with.

            Exotically the option for this hammer that can allow bouncing off surface and walls in right hand due to the fact that hammer did not increase the character movement speed is looks like a steel ram on a steel rope, attacking a certain small distance and returning back to the hand. The stronger the charge, the farther the attack and the more damage, but the overall range is small and attacks instantly after reaching the maximum power + a short time to guide the enemy and press the button manually.


              If return to the talk about avril weapon and do not overload rocket launcher the extra function (arvil-like missile), this "chunky" weapon still very interesting to use it (and its design is very good). Add to this weapon additional type of shooting usable versus foot soldiers. Nothing changes in basic shooting (maybe less auto-capture vehicle function) but there are some options

              1) If hold primary attack button - the missle wait some time until the button will reliased and then shot will happen - this option added to the special shot described below work right.
              2) This shot not a missle-projectile but a bomb shot (becouse time for a missle shot is out) and looks like - hold attack button some time and when the out there is a automatic throw a big single bomb. This bomb rolls and bounces off the walls\surface, but it explodes when the hold button is released. Bomb is ready to explode until the primary button will reliased.

              AOE and damage the same of this single bomb as missile explosion. This special "chunky" fire type is suitable this "chunky" weapon. In general such a shot looks like OP attack (throw and detonate it when it needed), but this shot is slow, single, need time, and not 100% controlled, becouse bomb is thrown not by pressing a button, but automatically with time. Not instant grenade-like shot. And it also requires hold primary attack button without change weapon in hands.

              The maximum time for a bomb explosion is 8-10 seconds, otherwise it will not even explode, but will shut down without an explosion and connot be activeted by shot in it. If change avril weapon to another this bomb also will not be detonate and will shut down.

              Another option\change for this weapon is the peculiarity of such a bomb - it does not explode from contact with enemies or enemy vehicles (can bounce off of them - much more "chunky" weapon then before), so it is difficult to activate it without seeing enemies in line of sight. And because of this, there may be changes in the activation of the bomb itself - bomb wait any time while hold primary attack button and if reliase this button - will missile-shot. But if hold primary fire button + press alt. fire button - this bomb will be thrown out of the launcher instead of missile - the soldier holds a empty gun in his hands and without reloading just wait + press second alt. fire button or any fire button to explode this lying\rolling bomb. Soldier press button or special point on the empty launcher with the right hand holding the weapon in the left hand.

              In this way
              1) Press primary fire button - missile shot
              2) Hold alt. fire button - laser pointer
              3) Press primary fire button + press alt. fire button (or vice versa) - auto-guided missile shot
              4) Hold primary fire button some time - auto throw the bomb + reliase primary fire button - detonate this bomb.
              4) Hold primary fire button any time + reliase primary fire button - the missile shot
              4) Hold primary fire button + press alt. fire button - throw the bomb + press primary or alt. fire button again - detonate this bomb
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                Titan weapon may look like a bracers with guns. Right hand - rockets and left hand - shock. But rockets without auto guidance in flight and flying much faster and have a bit bigger AOE (some similarities with BFG weapon). Also better if this two weapons will not associated with such a weapons - shock rifle and rocket launcher. Make just energy weapon and energy shots emanating from the titan hands - shock rifle the same, rocket launcher looks like energy comet with AOE explosion and bombs like energy ball bouncing off the ground. Work the same and have a better look (something similar to spells and hand animation appropriate). Thus, the weapon does not increase in size in the hands of titan becouse there is no additional weapon in hands.

                As option if consider that all weapons are energy and use one kind of energy (darker than shock energy), titan may have only one ammo type for both weapons. And action with energy recharging is possible in missions if missions are present in game or even possible for standard game modes or charging with the help of another allied titan. But only first titan, the bigger titan can not recharge another titan's energy.

                Titan energy also explains why it explodes when HP is out. And bigger size titan explodes after a certain time occurs because much energy initially he has. When the titan falls his body can impart an enemy weight to it. Also it is better to use special models and animations for titans, but not increase models size when the transformation into titan is made. The animation of the titan movement is equal to its speed and size.

                And again if consider that all attacks are energy in different forms, auto guidance in flight rocket maybe good in form of third weapon - energy attack with two hands (palms) creating an energy ball, which is aimed at the target. Similar with rockets attacks but less frequency, and the same effect. But this weapon without alt. fire or there are only 2 weapons and "rocket" alt-fire - is a auto guidance in flight ball and there is not grenades-like attack. In this way

                1) Primary left hand attack - direct shock beam
                2) Alt. left hand attack - shock ball (+ combo shot)
                3) Primary right hand attack - fast AOE energy comet
                4) Alt. right hand attack - auto guidance in flight energy comet with the same or less AOE
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                  Not a weapon, but device \ item or better say artifact - when it used, artifact returns the match process back to 1, 2, 3 or 4 latest minutes at choice. If the server stores the temporary data process of each match, which is stored only on it - this device in theory can be used.

                  It is picked up from the ground like any other items like single spider mine. Then player got it, there are 2 actions - primary fire - use it, alt. fire - destroy it the enemy can not use it. Press primary fire button is not enough to activate it. It is necessary to hold the primary fire button and press once keyboard numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 like nightshade vehicle chooses mines The whole process will be returned back to 1, 2, 3 or 4 minutes ago. Perhaps, each player can see the fast rewind of all his actions after the activation of this artifact. The time of the match will also go back, or even remain unchanged. The difficulty in using such a artifact is that it should not be pickable as a standard appearing object on the map, but should be given for certain actions by choice or appear randomly, but also for choice to use this artifact-device. This artifact can be used only once per match or even once per series of matches. As option can be selected 1-6 numbers\minutes on the keyboard.


                  If talk about portals in game. If the current, for example, warfare match has not allied captured nodes, this portal does not appear and not displayed. Not sure that this does not work so in UT3, it seems the portal always exists. As far as I remember the portal appears near the node when it is captured. If there is a only one node for teleportation, entrance to the portal automatically teleport to this node. If there are two or more nodes for teleportation, do not need to click on the portal just enough to enter it - the mouse cursor will be automatically moved to the center of the mini-map picture and player can select the desired node very quickly.

                  Random teleportation is also interesting if the player accidentally enters it. But if the soldier got hit he can not use teleport some seconds and also he can not use teleport while shooting. If teleport point not active, then the player waiting for teleport can stand on the portal point and teleport itself immediately when the portal will appears.


                  A small addition to the some gamemodes when the player is carrying something. Maybe it makes sense to have jump-points that only act on those who do not carry flag \ orb or something equivalent to this. If there is a flag or orb in hand, the jump-points does not work for him. This can be used for missions (if missions were present in the game) or special maps.
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                    A single spider-mine or Nightshade mine show the full frag animation (drilling) to the enemy. The enemy can not skip it to quickly respawn itself. It is also the penalty for the enemy and more power of this manes, becouse the longer time between frag and the next respawn.


                    If talk about another mine types, all the attacks, bullets, link-like and projectiles pass through the green jelly cube, but also very slowly and only 50% of the damage is done, the jelly cube itself is slightly larger in size.

                    X-ray mine causes much more damage to pilot of any vehicle, for example 30 damage per second and only 15 damage per seconds to running or stand on the hoverboard soldiers (damage inside the vehicle is stronger, any vehicle accumulates impact). And the slow vehicle like Goliath unlikely to pass through the X-ray field the first try. Also, the total number of points for the driver inside the fully protected vehicle matters, he mast have 31 or more HP to touch once the X-ray field.


                    A bio-rifle does not blow up enemies, but dissolves them. Also if bio rifle alt. fire looks like gas-liquid single bio-line-shot medium-slowly flying perpendicularly to the forward. Like half-flak attack, but differend and used especially against groups of enemies. But the line-projectile gets its full length not immediately.
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                      This video shows an very good shock rifle primary fire Faster then UT99, but not an instant shot. Maybe it's even better to make it a little-bit slower or not and in this form it shoots better, but the most important thing is that it is not instantaneous and differs from a shot from a sniper rifle\link alt. fire\enforcer\stinger. The sniper rifle shot may look like an instant shot but at medium-long range only, and maybe the alt. fire sniper range acts differently, like a "jet-bullet" flying in an arc, with a longer delay but also greater damage, already wrote about it. And there is not any-long-range instantaneous shots in game with maybe the exception of the superweapon with a limited few shots.

                      Sniper rifle circle filling zoom in this video is also very interestingly looks. Maybe it would look better if it was a large circle around the sight but not at the center point itself.
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                        Scale of energy filling in main interface. From 0 to 100 points like colored scale in UT 2004 from right. This thing allow activate different abilityes based on player armor (not armor points) or player class in game.

                        When respawn player has for example 30/100 energy after each next respawn. To fill this points the player must damage the enemy (without using vehicle) not vehicle, 1,5-2 damage points give 1 energy point. Maximal points value 100 after 200 damage.

                        For example, standard activations - sliding give 30-35% of any damage absorption while player slide, this action has small respawn time as now, but it use 15-20 points of energy per activation. If no energy - no slide. Double jump use 3-5 energy points (the second jump only, the first jump is free ofcourse) - the second jump in this double jump higher then standart jump (for this jump used energy) but it much lower then using jump boots high jump. I mean standard jump the same, but double jump higher then standart double jump in UT3, and use energy, no energy - no double jump. Wallrun not use energy, but can be active only if player has jump boots. Without jump boots players can not use wallrun. I think wallrun looks good only with jump boots.

                        Special activations - armor/class based thing also use 15-20 or 80-100 energy - like special armor fist attack, sprint for a few seconds, charging of energy weapons 2-3 shots for 60-70 points as rare activation, make some armor points from much energy points etc. Such things to use it in right time and do not use mass sliding or double jump standard actions, becouse all this use energy. Some anti-vehicle activations may be also. Used like deveces, like translocator - one press - one activation. In interface it looks like 2 lines one above another - 50 and 50 points or one 100 points line.

                        And game much based not only hitscan, but 50/50 or 35/65 - different activations in right time and shooting as main activity in UT. Like spells. Vehicles and titans do not use that, they use something else or not use such additional superfluous things except their own abilities.


                        About shock rifle. What if instead of big sphere explosion - this explosion looks and work like oval-ellipse, small sphere looks the same, but big sphere explosion has some egg-ellipse-form, not very egg, like egg-ball. The size is unchanged, but horizontally it is larger than the vertical. A bit "nerfing" of it blast area, but it looks like something egg-oval-ellipse was exploded, not just a much bigger sphere. Effect of explosion of this oval-ellipse will not looks good if this explosion will not take into account the angle of attack of the shock beam for detonation. This is not right if the egg-oval-ellipse explosion will always looks hard horizontally. Such a form of explosion must also vary with respect to the angle direction of the beam - the left edge is higher than the other or vice versa. I mean form like redeemer scope in UT3. Such egg-oval-ellipse form is still be like big ball-sphere explosion in general, but this form may be more interesting then usual in form of egg-oval-ellipse. And hellbender explosions for example without changing - mass spheres explosion, maybe smaller in size but looks like hard spheres.

                        I read on forum, somebody write it is almost impossible balance shock rifle becouse it is what it is, if that was about primary beam-instant attack, why not make 20-35 damage per shot depend on max range - 35 damage - close and medium range, 20 damage - max sniper range. And balance this range, not just balance damage and weapon parameters. I think such a damage-range difference is suitable for such energy weapon.