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    Any thought to a super sonic redeemer? (very fast missile)


      Everything needs to be balanced to make sense. A super-fast deemer would be imbalanced; it's got to be slow so the enemy has a chance of shooting it down, because that's what balances its enormous power.

      Originally posted by throttlekitty View Post
      Yes! I want the ability to surf on a redeemer rocket (hold 'use' key while firing?). It would have the same remote control scheme, LMB to fire random shots in a cone below you, RMB to prematurely detonate. No dismount.
      This is hilarious and I'd actually like this. Redeemers probably shouldn't be in serious competitive maps anyway, so since it's a more casual weapon to begin with I'd love taking a more playful approach with this weapon. SURFIN THE DEEMER. If this happened, I'd want the player to have some kind of shield so only the deemer can be shot down, not the player. It'd be kind of a stupid move to do this since you'd be a glaring warning sign vs. a deemer missile which is smaller and harder to see, but I'd still do it for the lulz.

      "HEY GUYZ I'M ACOMIN'!!!!" hahahaha
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        A super fast redeemer in a larger map makes a lot of sense.
        And I am not talking about a "guided" missile no.
        More like a rifle type "sniper" missile, but just not as fast.
        And again, larger maps only.


          Just a few ideas ...

          - integrate the redeemer missle in the RL as a 1-missle pickup
          - add a shield pickup as a counter measure which can help you survive the blast (think of the shieldgun)
          - slower projectile speed than RL, but devestation like always
          - missle is destroyable, yet smaller to fit the RL. Makes it harder to hit
          - no cam-mode (in modes without vehicles). Just sucks to kill a still standing player
          - loud warning signal in the arena